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The Best Under-Eye Concealers – Different Shades of Concealer and their usage

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The Best Under-Eye Concealers

The Best Under-Eye Concealers allow you to hide any irregularities or stains with a single stroke.

It is used as a base for makeup. Thanks to its density and concentrated and elastic consistency.

A concealer is the most crucial brush in the hands of the makeup artist. Therefore it must be chosen with care and criteria!

By definition, the concealer is a cosmetic created to cover imperfections on time.

Pimples, dark circles, and many are possible minor skin imperfections.

Usually, it should be used in combination with the application of the most suitable foundation.

It is evident, however, that concealer and foundation are two complementary products!

In general, these two cosmetics differ in the amount of pigment they contain, much higher in concealers.

In addition, the concealer is used on much smaller areas of the face.

It should be applied before the foundation if the required coverage must be high (such as dark circles), otherwise after.

As for its composition, we usually find a mix of waxes and oils.

Others contain many vitamins, from C to E, while other caffeine extracts and microalgae help microcirculation in the sub-ocular area and flare up the bags under the eyes.

How to Choose The Best Under-Eye Concealers?

  • Despite being the primary makeup product, choosing the right concealer is more complicated than you think, and it’s easy to make mistakes.
  • Let’s start with the issue of colour matching. The tone, the structure, the brightness, and the application process – all these factors are essential.
  • Choose your concealer based on your skin type and the imperfections you want to mask.
  • For example, to achieve an even finish and cover slight discolourations, a light or medium coverage concealer is sufficient.
  • Generally, your eye contour concealer should be a shade or two lighter than your natural skin colour.
  • It will reduce the visibility of dark circles.
  • Remember that healthy eating is essential for the condition of your skin.

Different Shades of The Best Under-Eye Concealers

  • Based on the complexion and colour of the affected area, we can apply a targeted shade rather than another.
  • We find shades of green to cover red imperfections, which is the right choice when you have to cover blemishes such as rosacea, acne, and broken capillaries.
  • The purple or lilac concealer helps to illuminate those areas of the face that have a decidedly dull complexion.
  • One of the first things to do is choose the colour of the concealer based on the type of dark circles.
  • The orange concealer is preferable if the dark circles tend to blue, the yellow ones when they purple.
  • These two colours cancel the black of the eye, unlike the beige colour, which alone acts only on coverage but is not
    complementary to balance the colour.
  • In this case, the concealer should be applied before the foundation and only on the affected area. If desired, as the latest finish, you can use a beige concealer of the same colour as your skin.
  • The types of correctors may therefore vary depending on the use!
  • We find cream concealers valid for dry skin and mature skin because they give good coverage without highlighting the expression lines too much.
  • Pen and pencil correctors, aimed at slight imperfections and very comfortable for “on the fly.”
  • In a single colour or several colours mixed, the concealers in powder are ideal for oily skin.
  • Finally, fluid correctors are valid for all skin types, guarantee excellent coverage, and be blended easily.

How to apply The Best Under-Eye Concealer?

  • In general, a good makeup artist will always advise us to apply the foundation first and then the concealer.
  • The foundation has more fantastic uniforming properties, which make the skin more homogeneous all over the face.
  • Is this a rule that applies 100% of the time? Actually no!
  • When dealing with a punctual and visible imperfection, it is recommended to apply the concealer first, giving the defect its skin tone.
  • In dark circles, the principle of complementary colors is used, which we saw earlier.
  • Only then is the foundation added, which evens out the complexion of the whole face.
  • To best apply the concealer, you need to be very delicate.
  • It is better to tap the product on the eyelids or dark circles than dab the area with a veil of paper.
  • To remove the excess product and make sure it does not infiltrate the lines of expression or in small wrinkles.
  • The concealer should be applied in a limited, blended layer and then covered with foundation.
  • You have to choose a shade suitable for your skin and coordinate with the foundation’s color to avoid exaggerated color gaps.

The Best Under-Eye Concealers give brightness

  • A little trick to give brightness to the eye contour, use a few drops of concealer of a tone lighter than the skin on the inner corner of the eye and under the browbone.
  • This way, you will get brighter and brighter coverage, and the result will be excellent!
  • In stick or cream, even a tiny amount can immediately improve your appearance. Look at our selection and find out which are the best eye contour correctors to buy today.
  • We have selected the best concealers that hide dark circles and brighten the skin under the eyes.
  • We want you to have fun choosing the best product. That is why we have read every review, we have tried most of the concealers on the market, and we have chosen the best products ever.
  • If you want to completely cover dark circles, benefit from moisturizing properties or give yourself a matte finish, you will find your new favorite eye concealer here.

The Best Under Eye Concealers give brightness

The Best Concealers for Dark Circles

1. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiance Illuminating

2. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

3. Bobbi Brown Under Eye Corrector

4. Urban Decay Stay Naked Concealer

5. Clarins Instant Concealer

6. Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer

7. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer

8. Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Crème

9. MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer

10. Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser


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