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What does BB Cream mean? BB Cream Garnier Skin Active for oily skin

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BB cream

BB cream is a multitasking cosmetic product that combines the moisturizing functions of cream with colouring properties.

It is an ideal cosmetic for light make-up to be done quickly.

What are BB creams used for? They are helpful for moisturizing and smoothing the skin, minimizing discolouration and imperfections, and brightening the complexion.

Some contain an SPF filter to protect the face from UV rays. For this reason, they are also considered a 3 in 1

Our selection of the best 2021 BB creams considers both product performance and the latest beauty market news and is constantly updated.

What does BB Cream mean?

  • BB Cream’s BB stands for Blemish Balm. That is a balm created to neutralize blemish skin imperfections.
  • Also said, especially in the West, Beauty Balm. Nothing to do, therefore, with Brigitte Bardot.
  • Even if applying a good BB Cream (and on the market, there are perfect ones, and after we show you the best and the news), it certainly makes you beautiful.
  • Maybe not as much as Bardot, but it helps us to perfect the complexion.
  • BB Creams are a magical product (born in the 80s in Asia to explode in the West) to always keep in your beauty case.
  • Because it can make spots, discolourations, pimples, shine, redness, enlarged pores, etc., disappear.
  • A multitasking product that, in addition to making the visibility of imperfections disappear, colours like a
    foundation (even if it remains completely invisible).
  • In addition, it deeply hydrates and fights skin ageing like a serum and cream. It defends against atmospheric
    pollution and sunlight.

BB Cream Garnier Skin Active for oily skin

  • It is formulated to mattify the skin and reduce pores and imperfections thanks to mineral perlite.
  • Grapefruit extract and mineral pigments uniform the complexion making it homogeneous and radiant.
  • SPF 20 protects the epidermis from photo-ageing and damage from the sun’s rays. Available in 2 shades

BB Cream for oily and normal skin

  • Those with oily skin don’t have to give up their skilful BB Cream. It is enough to focus on formulas also born to shrink pores.
  • And prevent and buffer the lucidity. There are many formulas of this type, and the newest can be found in the GALLERY.
  • Then some defend the skin from smog and oxidation.
  • They are formulas rich in organic kiwi extract, peach milk, rice starch, canosine, olive leaf extracts, Vitamin C, aloe extracts, etc.
  • For a hydration bath, the best BB creams are those containing hyaluronic acid.

BB Cream Maybelline Dream Fresh for combination and oily skin

  • Fresh and dark, DD Maybelline Matte Cream is a cream-coloured moisturizer suited to combination skin and oily.
  • We like it for the matt finish, the oil-free formula, and the silky texture.
  • It combines the action of a face primer with that of a coloured cream: together, they perfect the skin and make the complexion visibly more uniform.
  • With light coverage, it is equipped with SPF 15 and available in 2 shades.

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