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Euphoria Makeup – What makeup is used? Euphoria Makeup Looks

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Euphoria Makeup

Euphoria Makeup includes looks that often have sequins, glitter, sharp eyeliner, and colorful eye shadow.

Basically, “Euphoria” has gathered critical acclaim for its raw portrayal of modern teenagers in addition to its nuanced investigations of shock, young love, and obsession.

It also offers an aesthetically thrilling watching experience. Many spectators are particularly fond of the
show’s fashion instants.

Each character has an exclusive sense of style.

What makeup is used in Euphoria?

  • Use a medium/dark green shimmery cream eyeshadow to line just below your lower lashes.
  • Davy used a cream pot eyeshadow by Chanel. Line your lower waterline in black waterproof eyeliner. Load up with several coats of black mascara on top and bottom lashes.
  • The Euphoria cast has given us endless inspiration to create some of the creepiest tricks we’ve seen so far, from perfectly placed gems to neon eyelids and glitter-filled tears.
  • Abstract makeup trends have inevitably skyrocketed since Rue, Cassie, Maddy, Kat, and Jules entered our lives.
  • Before use, we’ve put together a round-up of Euphoria’s best makeup looks

Euphoria Makeup Looks

  • Euphoria makeup is more than just glitter—although there is plenty of that. For Euphoria has become an adjective in the cosmetics world; think big, think more, think maximalism.
  • No makeup look in the HBO drama is just a look, either. Most tell stories of their own.
  • Ahead, six Euphoria styles to use as inspiration, with plenty of shimmers, neon eyeliner, and yes, glitter to go around.

1. Cry Me A Glitter

  • Let’s get this fan-favorite out of the way first. Rue’s trailing glitter tears launched a thousand makeup
    tutorials, although their morose, not-quite-perfect quality is what makes the visual so striking.
  • Euphoria’s head makeup artist, Daniella Davy, told Glamour that she recommends Revlon’s PhotoReady Eye Art for its long-wearing prowess.

Cry Me A Glitter

2. Dancing Rhinestones

  • It’s nice to know that Euphoria’s makeup artists relied on Amazon rhinestones, too.
  • This show-stopping look pulls together peacock-inspired shades of blue, green, and gold, creating a
    multidimensional effect in more ways than one.

3. Pastel flowers

  • The minimal and delicate contours of the flowers around Jules’ eyes are perfect for those who want to recreate a show look but don’t want to give their all.
  • You can use a pastel-colored eyeliner of any shade and lightly draw the flower’s shape around the inner and outer corners of both eyes.

4. Updated Goth

  • Black lipstick and red eyeshadow have been goth staples since the ’80s.
  • This modernized look updates it while still playing with the core aesthetic, dotting a few gems and extra lashes across Quintessa Swindell’s face.
  • Don’t forget the yellow detail on the lids, too.

Updated Goth

5. Eye Spikes, Make It Fashion

  • This unique look features “eye spikes,” as dubbed by Davy on Instagram.
  • Recreate it with Face Lace’s Spikelihood set or, if you’re feeling crafty, some lash glue and cellophane.

6. Diamonds all around

  • The shimmering blue-green hue surrounded by sparkling gemstones is so the mood.
  • You can use tweezers to dip the tiny gems in eyelash glue before applying them to your face, or even better if you find some that have a bond already built into them.
  • Line up the gems along with the shadow shape until every detail is just right.

Diamonds all around

7. Neon Duo

  • Makeup artist Kirsten Coleman broke down Kat’s emboldened neon liner, revealing on Instagram  that this look was a combination of Chanel and SUVA Beauty.
  • Pair it with filled-in natural brows and a rhinestone beauty mark.

8. Cherry popsicle lid

  • The watercolor red lids with a soft sheen are reminiscent of juicy cherry ice cream on a stick.
  • Apply a nude red eyeshadow all over the eyelid and blend it down to the forehead.
  • This monochromatic look is just one color, which is beautiful and straightforward.
  • Add winged eyeliner on the upper lash line and lots of mascara to complete the look.

9. Tears of glitter and stars

  • Rue’s famous sparkling tears, which were full of stars, were one of the most talked-about makeup looks in the series.
  • The tiny star below the eye’s corner and the glitter shadow completed the look seen in episode 8.
  • All you need is a shimmering purple shade to wear on your eyelids, and then you can decorate your face with decals star stickers, and that’s it!

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