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White Eyeliner – How to use? Best-Selling White Eyeliners

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White Eyeliner

White eyeliner and its variations highlight the eyes, illuminating an individual’s eye makeup to make the eyes appear more prominent. It does not create a defined outline, unlike the darker shades of eyeliner.

As the name suggests, eyeliner is a cosmetic product designed to outline the eyes.

If misapplied, however, this slight shade of eyeliner can make the eye look washed out.

Most people use black eyeliner and other dark shades to create a dark outline around the eye, making the look stand out from the rest of the face.

While dark eyeliners help to highlight the eye, these shades also have a shrinking effect and can make the eye look smaller if used too heavily.

People looking to widen their eyes should apply some form of white eyeliner. Typically, the phrase “white eyeliner” refers specifically to pure white eyeliner.

Still, some stores or makeup artists may use the phrase as a general term to describe other highlights, including beige, off-white, and blush.

Each of these shades serves the same highlighting purpose as pure white eyeliner.

This shade is often available in pencil form, but some manufacturers also produce white as a liquid, gel, and
cream. Pencil holders work best for creating precise, simple lines and marks, while creams and gels work best for blending.

How to use?

  • The most common way to use white eyeliner is to apply it to the eye’s inner corners.
  • People who use this technique first apply black eyeliner, or another dark shade, to the upper and lower eyelids.
  • Then apply white to the lower eyelid’s inner edges or the inner corners of both lids, depending on your skin tone and personal preference.
  • It usually catches the light and brightens the makeup just enough to make the whites’ eyes whiter.
  • Other common uses for white eyeliner are layering and blending.
  • People who layer their liner place a broad line of white along the lower eyelid before applying a thinner layer of the dark liner near the lashes.
  • The white and dark liner remains distinct, but the white helps reduce the gravity that would otherwise be created using the dark liner.
  • The padding’s two shades can also be mixed into a new shade using a cotton swab or cosmetic stick.
  • This technique creates a shadow effect, reducing the harshness of the dark shadow while creating an outline for the eye.
  • Too much white coating can make the eye look washed out.
  • Contouring an entire eye with white without using darker eyeliner effectively erases the line between the eyes and the skin, especially on fair-skinned subjects.
  • As a result, the vision darkens and does not stand out from the rest of the face. However, people with dark skin should not be overly concerned about this adverse effect.

When can you use your white eyeliner?

  • The solid and striking color of the white eyeliner can quickly create contrast, giving your eyes an unflattering result.
  • Therefore, you must take special care in its application. The main characteristic of white eyeliner is that it
    brings unparalleled luminosity to your eyes.
  • While it can be applied in the same way as your classic black eyeliner, we suggest that you focus it mainly on the torn area and in the corner of the eye.
  • An application in these two areas will give a much more natural result to your eyes!
  • But the white eyeliner is full of resources and can be used in a multitude of situations that we describe to you below:

If you have light eyes

  • Apply like a classic black eyeliner to outline your eyes; it works particularly well on fair skin with green, blue, or “honey” eyes.
  • But that does not mean that women with black or brown eyes cannot use it, on the contrary! You will get a much more visible makeup and bring extra light to your eyes;

Eyes are small

  • Unlike black eyeliner, white brightens the eyes and instantly enlarges your eyes.
  • It would be best if you focused your eyeliner on the corner of your eye and the lower line of your eyelid;

If you are tired

  • Fatigue and lack of sleep mainly affect the eyes. If this is your case, add a touch of it on the lower eye line to bring your look back to life!

To highlight your eye shadow

  • If your eye shadows look a bit dull and too subtle, you can enhance them by outlining your eyes with white eyeliner.
  • The result will be much more visible and more elegant!

To define your eyebrows

  • Do you think that a white eyeliner could only apply to the eyes? Note that you can also use it under the arch of your eyebrows to highlight their pretty shape.

Remove blemishes

  • Some marks, scars, and spots on the skin are tough to hide.
  • To overcome the problem, you can apply a touch of white eyeliner that you will meet at the same time as your foundation.

What does white eyeliner do for your eyes?

  • “White eyeliner makes eyes look bigger and brighter,” says Ashley Gray, professional makeup artist and owner of Aesthetics Skincare.
  • “Applying it on the lower waterline or doing a cat’s eye with a white eyeliner can make your eyes pop. It also gives a 60s vibe to makeup looks. “

Is it safe to put eyeliner on the waterline?

  • You have to be careful when it comes to applying white eyeliner to the waterline.
  • After all, your eyes won’t be brighter if the cornea is scratched.
  • Gray recommends making sure the eyeliner pencil is pointed. And, to apply, “… all you have to do is hold the eye gently, separate the waterline from the eye and use it with a light hand.

What’s the best white eyeliner for your waterline

  • Since a liquid coating is more pigmented and can flow more easily, it is best to choose an eye pencil.
  • Once you’ve found the right course, Follow the advice for applying your white eyeliner.
  • But if you go for a solid white cat look, a liquid liner will give you the most defined line.

Best-Selling White Eyeliners That’ll Make Your Eyes Pop

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