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Will My Breast Implants Last Forever?

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Breast Implants – Choosing to have breast augmentation surgery is a big step. It is an expenditure that is aimed to assist you in achieving the natural curves you crave, as well as to boost your self-esteem. However, you shouldn’t look forward to having your breast implants for the rest of your life.

Breast implants, unfortunately, aren’t permanent, and there are a variety of reasons why women decide to have their implants removed a decade or two later after their first surgery. Prior to deciding to have breast implants, your cosmetic surgeon will discuss the proper way to care for them and the follow-up appointments that’s needed to help them last longer.

Average Duration of Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is a popular procedure for improving the look of your breasts. While implants are generally safe and designed to last a few years, they are not intended to last a lifetime.

Today’s implants are created to last for over ten years on average, with the risk of leakage increasing each year. As a result, as each year passes, the likelihood of your implants rupturing increases. Other complications can also possibly arise.

Breast implants, in many instances, can last for two decades or more. Every person is unique, and the longevity of your implants will be determined by your body and how you care for them.

Purpose For Removing Or Replacing Breast Implants

There are a few complications that can impact the longevity of your implants and when they need replacing. These are some examples:

Personal Preference

Some women prefer to enhance their breasts’ appearance following their initial operation. This could imply a reoperation with the desired smaller or bigger implants, or the withdrawal of the implants altogether.

Positional Changes

Even though breast implants can alter your look, they are unable to halt the process of aging. Gravity will continue to impact your body as you get older, and, as a result, you may develop sagging of the breasts.  Significant weight changes can also play a part in location changes. A breast lift is an alternative if you desire for your sagging breasts to be perkier. Implant replacement to restore your breasts to their desired appearance is another alternative.

Wrinkling or Folding of The Breasts

Implants can sometimes create wrinkles. They may be felt, and in extreme cases, they may be visible through the skin. They will need to be replaced immediately if this occurs.

Bursting of the Silicone Implants

Silicone implants contain a dense silicone gel that often remains inside the implant or nearby tissue even if the implant bursts. As a result, it is frequently difficult to determine when the rupture occurred.  Reduced breast size, imbalanced appearance, or alterations in the sensation of the breast, including burning, or loss of feeling, may occur.

Bursting of the Saline Implants

If a saline implant bursts, it becomes flattened quickly, similar to a balloon. Because of a small opening or break in the implant, saline will seep out and be absorbed by the nearby tissue. As it escapes, the size of the breast gets smaller and their shape changes. The chance of leakage is low the first couple of years, but it rises by 1% percent each year.

Hardening of the Breasts

This occurs when scar tissue becomes hard where the implants are positioned. This can result in breast tightness, physical discomfort, soreness, and modifications of the breast contour and size. Notify your cosmetic surgeon, if you notice that your implants have become hardened.

Breast Implant Replacement or Withdrawal

You have a couple of alternatives for removing breast implants. You along with your cosmetic surgeon will determine how they should be removed. Your cosmetic surgeon will also go over the best procedure for you. It will, however, be determined by your expectations, body type, and current breast implants.

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