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Which App Should You Get for Indoor Running, How to Choose

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Indoor running is the new trend these days and people are rushing to get their own treadmill or an exercise bike to get into it. This new trend became popular with the rise of many apps that take you into a virtual world to train.

As with all things, we need to analyse what sort of app is good for us. So, without further ado, let’s see what kind of app that will suit you if you are to start off into this new trend.

What is Your Objective?

First, what is your need to do this? Most people fall into trends just because they don’t want to miss out. With this trend however, you need to think before you get in. Fitness games are not a day or a week fad. It takes months to reach your goal and buying an expensive set of equipment to match an app in your phone will not work.

You need to make sure you’re doing this to get fit. Or, if you are going to do this for fun, make sure you don’t spend too much. Depending on the objective there are many apps that you can choose from like Vingo.

How Committed Are You in Your Goals?

Are you willing to gear up and work-out for months or even years? We mean dedicating a special time of your day to exercise. With online running, it is going to be fun, yes, but you need to focus on your goals and not get distracted while you are at it.

You can use a good app that will constantly remind you to push your limits. Or, you can set monthly and even weekly targets in the app too. The goal is more important than your urges.

How Much are You Willing to Spend?

The next thing to remember is how much you can spend every month on the app. Most apps charge about $15 per month to enjoy their full benefits. Although there are cost effective online running apps like Vingo, that offer free membership in the beginning and relatively lower charges then on, you need to carefully consider them before you subscribe to them.

Do You Like Social Appreciation?

Do you like to work-out alone or are you comfortable only when someone is around you all the time? This matters a lot here. Most apps have a social interaction feature in them to make the users feel connected with the outside world.

So, if you like to mingle, go for an app with chat & community features. Or, if you are an introvert who doesn’t need attention from people, you can go ahead with a basic app that will provide you with moral stimulus.

Do You Have VR Equipment?

Using VR equipment in an indoor bike app is a far greater experience. If you have one, then you are ready to go. If not there is no compulsion, that you need one. Choose your apps wisely guys, for your body depends on your decision.

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