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Love is All Around: Top 13 Fascinating Wedding Traditions Around the World

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With spring slowly knocking on the door, couples will get ready for spring and summer weddings. Marriage is a common word among couples around the world. The only difference lies in their cultural practices, which make one tradition unique. And that is a whole new experience for eyes to witness.

That is why you will have people participating in different marriage ceremonies to see how it works. They usually see the customs and steps that develop into successful ceremonies. It includes the decoration, catering, and cultural practices that make it more fun. Today, people attend various indigenous weddings to see their rituals and taste food.

We will discuss some unique wedding rituals and traditions that fascinate people from different cultures.

We will focus on some of the most popular wedding traditions you can use as your next theme. And if you want to buy big wedding bouquets before entering the ceremony, you can also opt for an online flower delivery option too.

Various Kinds of Wedding Traditions Around the World

As discussed earlier, there are different wedding traditions around the world. Each culture has its ways of making a marriage ceremony successful. Even though religion has a great influence on the process. But mostly, it is the age-old cultural practices that influence them.

Therefore, you can add some inspiration to your wedding ceremony. This will make your wedding even more special and beautiful for guests to participate in. Don’t forget, you will get new food items to add to the wedding.

Here are a few popular wedding customs followed around the world –

Lebanon: Music and Dancing Before the Ceremony

In the Lebanese tradition, the marriage ceremony is known as Zaffee. It is full of fun, where all the family and friends of the bride and groom come together to dance, sing and enjoy. Before the bride and groom say yes to each other, the party begins, where professional belly dancers and musicians come to play.

It is tradition to start the party even before the wedding starts. That way, they all get into the mood and celebrate the joyous moment. Later, after the marriage, all the participants end up in the bride’s home. There, all the elders give their blessings by showering flower petals at the couple and praying for their long lives and love towards each other. It occurs before the couples leave the ceremony.

Guatemala: Break The Bell

As beautiful as the country is, Guatemala’s wedding traditions are even more attractive. It is a mixture of Mayan traditions and the mixture of Spanish traditions; thus, it is a unique wedding to participate in. It is even more fun if you are from the groom’s side, as you can do anything you like.

You can even smash things if you wish to. This is normal in Guatemalan tradition. Furthermore, the uniqueness comes when the newly wedded couples visit the groom’s house. The groom’s mother must break a white ceramic bell of rice and flour. This brings new couples prosperity and ensures they lead a happy and healthy life.

Disclaimer: You can add any grains in the white bell. But make sure that the groom’s mother smashes it properly.

Cuba: The Money Dance

This is one of the best wedding traditions that gives the bride and groom something in return. It helps them to plan their honeymoon and pay those expenses. Therefore, you will see the tradition of money dance in Cuba, where, if any dances, the bride needs to pin money on her dress.

The custom helps the couple raise some money invested in the wedding. This, in return, assists in planning for their honeymoon and pays all expenses involved in it. Also, it allows them to balance their finances and plan their future accordingly. The culture applies to all the couples in the state. Something that Fidel Castro will always appreciate and uphold closely.

Ireland: Keep One Foot on the Ground During First Dance

Even today, the Irish people believe in fairies and folklore; over time, they have become a part of Irish culture and heritage. The luck of the Irish is a popular term relevant worldwide, representing good fortune and wealth. Similarly, the process is also in the Irish traditions, where good omens are crucial-successful ceremonies.

That is why, in Ireland, you will see the bride dance with one foot on the ground, especially when dancing with the groom. The Irish people say if the bride dances with two feet on the ground, then the evil fairies will take the bride away. Hence, it shows the mixture of strong Catholic influence and age-old Irish traditions that come together as one.

India: Mehndi And Stealing Groom’s Shoe

If you want an organic wedding tattoo, you should ask any Indian about Mehendi. It is the most significant ritual that every bride must have on their hands, and in some cases, grooms also. Therefore, you will see women doing mehendi on their hands to look beautiful for the wedding. It was a way of wishing the bride good luck and health following her marriage.

Following this, there is also a tradition of stealing the groom’s shoes during the marriage ceremony. This allows the sisters of the bride to get money from the groom and use it for their purposes. The tradition increases the cohesion between the two families. Also, it encourages joking relationships between the groom and the bride’s sister.

India: Marrying a Tree First

In India, some traditions go back to the Vedic ages, where a man or woman who is a Manglik has to wed a tree first. This ensures that both the bride and the groom have a long life. In India, the bride and groom astrologers compare their Gunas before the marriage.

Consequently, if Mars and Saturn are in the seventh house, you are cursed. Therefore, to condemn, you need to marry a tree first, and then it is cut down to remove the evil. It protects the wife from early widowhood. That is why you will see that many brides and grooms wedding a tree before their partner.

Spain: Cutting the Tie

One of the popular wedding traditions in Spain is that the groom’s friends cut his tie after the ceremony and then sell it to guests. This raises money for the newlyweds. It is similar to what we see in the Guatemalan wedding. The purpose of doing the activity is to help the newlyweds with their finances and get some bucks for their honeymoon.

A similar thing happens with the brides, where the bride’s garter is cut, and also to the people. This helps the new couples to plan their future in a much better way. Furthermore, it assists them in preparing for their honeymoon and having a good married life.

Italy: La Serenata

Italian customs are very popular in the world, as they follow some great music and dance to make the marriage ceremony popular and memorable. That is why you will see that a pre-wedding party is thrown in front of the bride-to-be window in Italy. This forces the groom to serenade the bride again.

The occasion comes from the groom’s friends arranging the full-blown party. You will see musicians, dancers, and other essentials participating to make the event popular and memorable. The tradition is taken seriously in Italy, as it showcases the special status marriage holds. Lastly, the event ends with a full-blown buffet where friends of the bride and groom join together and have a grand feast.

Romania: Abducting the Bride

This may sound troubling for many grooms, but it is a popular tradition in Romania. The friends of the groom abduct the wife, take her to a secluded place, and then ask for a ransom from the groom. All these things occur to have fun with the groom and make him spend extra bucks on them.

This can range from buying some extra drinks or giving them a treat before the marriage. The groom is often embarrassed, as he is asked to sing before the whole party. This means there is a healthy cohesion between the bride and groom’s friends. Also, it ensures that friends are not dearly forgotten in the marriage process.

 Germany: Cutting A Log

Germans have a unique tradition when it comes to testing the bond between the bride and the groom. Just like their hard image, German couples, after their marriage, are given a log to cut and showcase the bonding between the two. It is taken seriously, as it tastes the waters of the relationship and where they stand after the marriage.

Furthermore, to cut a log properly, you need to work hard together – thus, it reflects that the couple can stick together in the hard times. Therefore, you will see many German couples creating a proper strategy to cut the log properly and evenly. This way, they can showcase their soulmates and are made for each other. Lastly, they will handle all the responsibility that comes along with marriage.

Norway: Brides Wear Crowns To Divert Evil Spirits

How can we forget about the Scandinavian people with rich history and culture? The same thing follows in their marriage traditions. The Norwegian brides must wear crowns so evil spirits won’t affect their marriage. And it is a culture that has been going on for years. There is a popular belief in Norway that when the brides walk with ornaments on, the dangling sound keeps the spirits away.

Therefore, you will see all the brides are given gold and silver ornaments, as they can create sounds that divert evil from harming the marriage. So, the next time you see a Norwegian bride looking beautiful with ornaments, don’t think it’s for beauty. Rather, it is the safety and well wishes that will get from the old and the newer gods.

Congo: No Smiles or Giggles on the Wedding Day 

The culture of marriage differs in Congo, where the elders don’t see smiling as an effective way to approach marriage. They believe that if you laugh and smile during the wedding ceremony, you are not serious about it. Therefore, if you participate in their ceremony, you will be a serious person who deals with their job.

The tradition also follows while taking a wedding photograph where they don’t smile. The whole family and friends of the bride and groom keep serious while taking a picture. People hold a serious face during the entire wedding process, from the pre-wedding to the ending ceremony. This can absolutely terrify other groups who are not from Congo.

Greece: Shave the Groom

Another wedding custom that is unique in nature is in Greece, where the friends of the groom shave him for the wedding. It is a custom that has been going on for ages. To date, the Greeks maintain the tradition. The best man of the groom, Koumparos, shaves the groom and prepares him for the marriage.

The best man becomes the personal barber of the groom and gives him the best shave of his life. Hence, get him ready for the special day. Also, there is a sweeter side, where the bride’s mother gives him honey and almonds to fill his stomach. This makes the whole process of marriage even more interesting.

Marriage Is The Beginning of Greater Love 

In the end, we can say that marriage is the beginning of greater love, as it tests the couples during the best and worst times. Therefore, you will see that the many traditions that people follow for marriage around the world are the reflection of teamwork and love.

So, you can study the various traditions of marriage around the world and then take inspiration to get the blessing of different gods and cultures.

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