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Is a Neck Lift Right for You?

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Neck Lift – A person can mask the effects of time on their face, but the neck is the teller of truth. It’s the dead giveaway that would unravel all the hard work you have put into making your face look more beautiful and youthful.

So, when bands, creases, or skin starts to slacken under your chin, you may consider seeing whether you qualify for any of the neck lift surgery options.

Why Go for neck Surgery?

When it comes to aging in the neck, surgery is often the best option. Unlike your face, for which you can camouflage the folds and lines with skin-firming ointments and fillers, the way to truly fix the marks of aging on your neck is to have excess skin or fat taken off it.

Who Makes a Good Candidate for Neck Surgery?

You are a good candidate for lift surgery if the signs of aging on your neck and jawline bother you.

Some of these signs include:

  • A double chin: aging and genetics commonly cause a double chin. You could also be having difficulty losing a double chin after weight loss. To fix it, the surgeon may conduct neck liposuction to restore your neck’s youthful and slim definition.
  • Bands: platysmal neck bands develop when the fat padding on your neck decreases, making your neck muscles pronounced. A neck lift reduces the appearance of these vertical bands.
  • Creases and wrinkles: these develop due to extended exposure to the sun, breakdown of collagen, and muscle weakening. Neck lift surgery fixes moderate to severe cases. But, if the wrinkles and creases are just faint, you may opt for a non-invasive option to smooth out the skin, although its results are not as thorough as that of a full neck lift.
  • The ‘turkey wattle’: the ‘turkey wattle’ or ‘turkey neck’ is the sagging of your neck skin due to the effects of gravity and the breaking down of collagen, a protein that firms your skin. The result is the formation of wattles that give you a ‘turkey neck.’ But, a trim of the excess skin through a neck lift can revive your look and tighten the loose neck muscles.

But, even with the above signs, neck lift surgery options are only suitable for healthy persons with no medical conditions that impair healing. The candidates should also have positive regard for the neck lift and have realistic expectations.

Plastic surgeons do not recommend the surgery for persons without skin laxity and those unable to take time off for a full recovery as needed. You may also need to perform various exercises after the surgery to help in the healing process. The [neck] lift may not be for you if you have unrealistic expectations of the surgery.

A Consultation Is Still Critical

While the list above notes the general qualifiers for [neck lift] surgery, the way to truly determine if you fit the bill is to consult with a plastic surgeon. The surgeon confirms your candidacy based on a customized evaluation, and you get the opportunity to discuss your expectations. The surgeon then gives you an honest review of what is possible, what to expect, and from there, schedules your procedure.

You will find that a [neck lift] is a relatively simple procedure whose results last a long time.