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Olive oil for skin – Benefits, Damage, Side Effects And The Risks Of Over-consumption

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What is olive oil for skin?

Olive oil for the skin provides you with antioxidants (vitamin E, squalene, and phenolic compounds) and phytosterols, which calm inflammation and promote cell regeneration.

It is popular in the kitchen thanks to the Mediterranean diet, but olive oil also has many cosmetic properties.

It is made by first cold pressing the flesh of the fruit of the olive tree, which was the first known tree in the history of humankind. Already in Antiquity, women used it to have a perfect complexion.

Rich in fatty acids, olive oil contains more than 60% oleic acid, an omega 9.

It also comprises linoleic acid, an omega six (6) essential for skin and hair, and palmitic acid, which protects
the skin barrier.

This oil also provides you with antioxidants (vitamin E, squalene, and phenolic compounds) and phytosterols, which calm inflammation and promote cell regeneration.

Benefits of olive oil for the skin

Benefits of olive oil for the skin

Usage tips

  • Adopt olive oil, whether you have dry or dehydrated skin, wrinkles to reduce, or skin problems like psoriasis, or want to tone your skin.
  • It is applied pure, mixed with other essential oils, or as a hydrating mask (for example, with an egg yolk and a little honey).
  • You can also use it as a makeup remover (on a cleansed face, with a cotton ball, and why not with floral water), massage with a few drops on a sunburn (it is soothing), use it as a lip balm, etc.
  • Two or three tablespoons of olive oil in your bath water will leave you with noticeably softer skin.
  • A tip, if you are using olive oil as an anti-wrinkle or to tone your skin, spend a few minutes in the fridge before applying it pure.


  • To hydrate the skin: honey powder.
  • To help with healing: essential oil of lavender.

Olive Oil, Its Damage, Side Effects And The Risks Of Overconsumption

  • Olive oil As it has positive points, it is not without drawbacks according to the modes of consumption and use.
  • There are two sides to each piece; this famous saying indicates a good and a wrong side for every component; olive oil is no exception.
  • It is described as one of the best in the food and skincare world.
  • Olive oil, its damage, side effects, and the risks of overconsumption
  • This oil has many health and aesthetic benefits. But it also has some flaws that can seriously damage your health.
  • Check the side effects of olive oil before you start using it.

The most important side effects of olive oil

  1. It causes acne
  2. It can cause allergies
  3. This caused a rash
  4. Not safe for the baby’s skin
  5. Not suitable for dry skin
  6. It can cause blackheads
  7. Diseases related to saturated fat
  8. Fat related diseases
  9. Reduces blood sugar
  10. Reduces blood pressure
  11. Causes of inflammation
  12. Gallstones / blockage
  13. It can cause diarrhoea
  14. High calorie

Olive oil-based treatments

  • Many brands have made it a benchmark asset for all people who want to benefit from the benefits of olive oil without going through the house recipe box.
  • Whether for face care or ready-to-use multi-purpose oils, you can invite olive oil into your bathroom.
  • An original way to bring in a little sun with a few olive sprigs in your beautiful skin routine!

The Best Products With Olive Oil

1. Olive & Argan vegetable oil, Floressance by Léa Nature

  • Olive and argan vegetable oil, selected by Floressance, protects and regenerates dull skin and dry hair.
  • More beauty: it is particularly effective on mature skin thanks to its anti-ageing action. Alone or combined with a hair mask, it deeply nourishes the hair fibre.
  • This product is formulated primarily from plants, without any ingredient of animal origin, without colouring, and without chemical additives.
  • Suitable for vegans. Argan – Oil (Argania spinosa): Rich in omega 6 and 9. Nourishes and softens skin and hair: toning and restructuring.

2. DHC Olive Virgin Oil Essential Cream

  • This deluxe moisturizer is lightweight yet packs a hydrating punch—100% organic.
  • Olive oil and olive-derived squalene, and hydrogenated rice bran oil make for an antioxidant-rich formula that delivers ultra-soft results.

3. Korrespure greek olive

  • This 3 in 1 oil nourishes, repairs, and enhances the face, body, and hair in a single step.
  • It offers the skin an irresistible satin glow without a greasy finish, thanks to its dry-touch texture.
  • Its addictive fragrance offers an absolute pleasure of use daily.
  • It contains 98.7% of ingredients of natural origin.

4. Aceite picuda – muela olives

  • Another olive oil from the Muela Olives company (which presents itself as the best oil in the world) ranks as the eighth-best in the world (placing itself as seventh in this ranking as sixth of Andalusian origin).
  • In this case, it is Mueloliva Picuda. These extra oil flavours dishes as few do.
  • It offers a fruity green tasting – mature of medium intensity, with notes of grass, leaves, and fruits like apple.
  • It is sweet on the palate, with moderate bitterness and a slightly spicy taste—ideal condiment for salads; grilled vegetables or pasta and fish.

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