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Learning How To Spell Possible – Tips & Tricks

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How Do You Spell Possible – Possible is the correct form as the word possible comes from Latin possibilis (posse – to be able to – with a suffix), which is also written with double consonant s. This spelling remained so possible in an incorrect form, and the correct one is possible.

Origin Of Possible

The Word “possible” was first recorded in 1300–50; Middle English, from the Latin possibilis “, that may be done,” equivalent to poss(e) “to be able” (see posse) + -ibilis-ible

Use of Possible:

It is widespread to say something is possible or more possible. These are general users thought to be incorrect, subsequently possibly describing an absolute state. Consequently, something can only be possible or not possible: it is very probable (not very likely) that he will resign; it has now developed easier (that not more possible) to obtain an entry pass

It is an adjective that may be true or not excluded from happening

The suspect may be the natural killer.

I believe in man-woman friendship. I think it’s possible.

We are still waiting for Terry. She may be stuck in a traffic jam.

Idioms and Phrases with Possible:

As soon as possible, in the fastest possible manner

I will try to do this project as quickly as possible.

How to Pronounce Possible?

How to Pronounce Possible?

This word follows the standard English pronunciation rules and is pronounced ‘poh-sih-buhl’. Knowing how to pronounce possible is crucial in learning how to spell it correctly. Stretching out the syllables aloud can also help you remember their spelling more clearly.

The proper pronunciation of possible is a combination of four individual sounds: ‘poh’, as in ‘pole’; ‘sih’, as in ‘see’; and two syllables that sound like the phonetic spelling of ‘buhl’ — ‘but’ (as in ‘butter’) followed by an elongated ‘l.’ Breaking the word down into its parts can help with putting the letters together when spelling it out. Pronouncing possible correctly with the stressed syllable on the first part will also make it easier to remember how each letter should appear in its correct order.

Possible Meaning

Possible Meaning

Possible means that can be done or achieved or that can exist. It may or can be, live, happens, be done, be used, etc. “Possible” word conveys that may be true or maybe the case, as something concerning which one does not know to the contrary.

‘Possible’ is an adjective capable of happening, probable, or able to be done. Knowing how to spell possible has to do with understanding its meaning. When deciding whether something is possible, consider the resources, skills required and the universe of options.

To spell possible correctly, remember it has one double letter (ss). Capitalizing the ‘P’ is also necessary because proper nouns need to be capped when written. The word ‘possible’ will always remain the same and never change the form, even if found in the past or future tense sentence. Knowing how to spell this common word can be handy for everyday conversations, writing tasks and other language scenarios.

How do you Spell Possible in French?

How do you Spell Possible in French?

The French word for possible is ‘possible.’ It is a cognate of the English word and is pronounced analogously, except with French pronunciation rules. To spell it correctly, use po–ssi–ble, with acute accents over the last two vowels (‘po-ssí-ble’). Once you understand how to spell possible in French as well as English, you’ll be able to remember it much easier!

  1. the best possible time le meilleur moment
  2. it’s possible that …. (= conceivable) il est possible questions
  3. the best possible time le meilleur moment
  4. Yes, it’s possible, but also… Oui, c’est possible, mais ..
  5. far as possible dans la mesure du possible autant que possible
  6. as much as possible (adverb) [help, work, rest] autant que possible
  7. as soon as possible aussitôt que possible
  8. to do everything possible faire tout son possible
  9. It is possible that he also said these things I will say est possible qu’il ait dit cela.
  10. the worst possible time le pire moment
  11. the worst possible time le pire moment

How do you Spell Possible in Spanish

How do you Spell Possible in Spanish

The French word for possible is ‘possible.’ It is a cognate of the English word and is pronounced analogously, except with French pronunciation rules. To spell it correctly, use po–ssi–ble, with acute accents over the last two vowels (‘po-ssí-ble’). Once you understand how to spell possible in French as well as English, you’ll be able to remember it much easier!

  1. you must practise as much as possible debes practicar todo lo que puedas or todo lo possible
  2. will it be possible for me to leave early? ¿hay algún inconveniente en que me vaya antes de la hora?
  3. try to make the lesson as interesting as possible trata de que la lección sea lo más interesante posible
  4. we provide the best possible accommodation for our students nuestros estudiantes disponen del mejor de los alojamientos
  5. improvements made possible by new technology mejoras fpl que la nueva tecnología ha hecho posible
  6. there is no possible excuse for his behaviour su comportamiento no tiene excusa que valga
  7. where possible, wherever possible donde sea posible
  8. what possible motive could she have? ¿qué motivo puede tener?

How do you Spell Possible Correctly?

How do you Spell Possible Correctly?

The correct spelling in English is “possible”, with no accent marking the last vowel. This word is made up of two syllables: pos-si-ble. Remember to use an “s” instead of a “c”. With consistent practice, learning how to spell this popular word will become second nature over time. Good luck!

Possibilities exist everywhere and knowing how to spell possible correctly to express yourself accurately when writing is essential. It can take some time for the correct spelling of potential to become automatic, but it is well worth the effort. In addition to improving your writing skills, this knowledge can also come in handy during spelling tests and on-the-fly conversations with others.

Pos+si+ble = Possible

It is also possible to add new faces for the first time straight from the watch.

It seems far more than grabbing as much information as possible.

The Tubbs Fire, as it was called, shouldn’t have been possible.

The headline was featured prominently in ads run by the Bry campaign, and the headline would not have been possible without Forged Footnote 15.

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Do you often find yourself wondering how to spell “possible”? If so, this guide is here to help. We’ll provide tips and tricks for mastering this tricky word’s spelling and advice on how to remember it better in the future.

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