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Children’s Party Planning Tips

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Children’s Party – Finding the perfect outfit for your child to wear at a party is a big deal. You will often see outfits that have been bought to last. 

While parents obviously prefer getting some wear out of party clothes or even fancy-dress outfits, always remember that an outfit that’s too long will easily make your child trip during the party. Children’s parties usually have some, if not lots of, active parts to them, so outfit suitability and comfort are key.

Fancy dress costumes also tend to be rather uncomfortable, itchy, and scratchy, so always try them on your child first. If there’s a problem, you can have your child wear a vest or t-shirt underneath. The same applies to the shoes

Since most children’s parties involve some running around, get your child some comfortable shoes that are neither too big nor too small, not slippery, and are preferably flat-soled to ensure your child’s maximum enjoyment.


Props are always a fun addition to a fancy-dress costume, such as a sword for a pirate or a wand for a fairy. Find toys that light up for all ages here.

However, keep in mind that children quickly lose interest in props. They will put them down only to promptly forget about them. Or they could start to use the props as weapons and they end up getting broken, somebody gets hurt, and tears ensure. 

It is generally advisable to let your child make an entrance with their prop and then put it away for safekeeping.


Keeping everything simple will give you the chance to be part of your child’s party, which is worth more than any party decoration. Parents are often really stressed out at the start of the party trying to get endless decorations in place of Children’s Party .

Simplicity, however, works great. A few perfectly chosen balloons for decorating the table, paper plates, matching tablecloths, and colorful bunting, etc. not only look great but are more budget-friendly and involve much less stress to get organized.

Decorations That Should Be Avoided

While still on the subject of decorations, here are some that aren’t recommended. Avoid pitting balloons all over the floor since children will fight over them and they probably will be popped in seconds.

Similarly, avoid leaving balloons dotted around on strings since they can quickly become tangled or even wrapped around a child, leading to an accident. Balloons look best tied to chairs, attached to walls, or on top of tables as decorations.

You should also not waste your money on shimmer curtains that hang from a doorway. They will start to fall down as soon as someone walks through them, no matter how securely they are attached to the door. Within just five minutes, you will find yourself dealing with streamers everywhere, even tangled around the children.


Party food is yet another area that can easily and quickly become very stressful. The best advice when it comes to children’s parties is the same as that for decorations: always strive to keep everything as simple as you possibly can.

Children’s Party love all the old party classics such as chocolate fingers, party rings, hula hoops, mini sausages, etc. They are also very good when it comes to selecting healthy options, and things such as berries, grapes, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and carrot sticks always go down well.

People always tend to over cater sandwiches. The best advice here is to go for half a round of sandwiches for each child with a few additional rounds for the hungrier ones, and keep the fillings simple. Ham, cheese, jam, or chocolate spread are still popular options.

Sweet foods should always be served after the savory ones, which means that the children effectively get 2 courses. To help you plan quantities, consider using party food boxes or plating up each child’s food to see how much is actually needed to fill their plate.

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