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Women’s Wide-legged Pants and Jeans Are Having A Moment

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Pants and Jeans – Shoppers worldwide have taken a renewed interest in clothing that accentuates a more curvaceous appeal that embraces women’s natural figures. As a result, fashion brands and retailers have noticed, and women’s pants that hug a fuller silhouette have already started flying off the shelves. 

Some women might be perplexed by this re-emergence of 60s, 70s, and 80s styles that went in and out of fashion. However, many female shoppers are excited about the rise of a more natural, body-positive, and inclusive trend in fashion today. These trends reflect in many fashion brands’ advertising campaigns, which represent a stark divergence from some of the rigid beauty standards of past decades. 

Many women have quickly embraced the trend of wide-legged pants and more baggy styles because they find them more comfortable. All of these factors have led to female shoppers having more options of pants and jeans that conform to their natural shape, prioritize comfort, and align with many trends in high fashion, music, and haute culture. 

So, what sorts of pants and jeans have been most prominent for women searching for a more modern, comfortable, or baggy look? Let’s explore some wide-legged pants that are shaking up the fashion world and redefining beauty standards around the globe. 

Boot Cut and Flared Jeans

With more celebrities rocking boot cut or flared jeans, many stylish women and shoppers wonder whether these styles have returned to vogue. In many circles, the answer is a resounding yes. Boot-cut jeans maintain a straight edge as they descend the leg towards the ankle. The style contrasts the tapered look of skinny jeans in which fabric wraps around the ankle more tightly. 

While both slim, tapered, boot-cut jeans have gone in and out of style over the years, wide-legged options like boot cuts are having a moment. The tapered jean is a close relative of the boot-cut look, which is also seeing a significant revival today, along with other fashion trends. As the name suggests, flared jeans flare away from the ankle, providing a unique and immediately recognizable to the wearer’s legs. 

Some might remember the infamous bell bottoms that were all the rage in the disco decade of the 80s. Sporting this more exaggerated flare near the ankle is seen as a bit silly by some today, but a more subtle flare that compliments the curves of the wearer’s hips is very much in vogue today. These jeans also offer women a more relaxed fit that some find in line with an active lifestyle and body-positive attitudes. 

Cargo Pants

Much like boot-cut, flared, and relaxed-fit jeans have taken off recently, cargo pants are also seeing a resurgence among female shoppers in the US and even around the world. Cargo pants have a unique history in fashion, first worn by British military personnel. The pants, well-liked for their many pockets and practical design, were an integral part of the British Dress Uniform or BDU.

Initially, the pockets that have since come to be associated with cargo pants were only featured on the paratroopers’ version of the uniform, offering soldiers easy access to ammunition and radios. However, cargo pants took the fashion scene by storm in the 90s through celebrities and urban hip-hop artists. American designer Ralph Lauren even featured cargo pants in one of his fashion shows in the late 90s. 

As fashion trends shifted towards more fitted ensembles in the early 2000s, cargo pants became less popular. However, today cargo pants are experiencing another moment in the sunlight as many women embrace their baggy, rugged appeal. 

Moreover, many fashion-conscious females are experimenting with cargo pants of different colors. Sanctuary’s green cargo pants are becoming a popular option. In addition, blue and camo cargo pants are fast becoming trendy for women who want to be comfortable and show off a rugged look. 


Many women also wear certain types of cargo pants in their professional lives. That’s because police, military, and EMS uniforms sometimes incorporate cargo pants. In addition, women in the healthcare industry sometimes wear them as well since some scrubs in the medical profession include cargo pants, allowing healthcare workers to keep medical equipment within hand reach when helping patients. 

Many of these women in the workforce also appreciate the comfort and versatility of cargo pants. That sense of comfort can allow them to pay more attention to their work than their outfit while on the job.