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Watercolor Tattoo – Special Features, Tattoo Watercolor subjects, Ideas

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Watercolor Tattoo

Watercolor Tattoo is more or less thin black lines, little black colour, and includes shaded colours with a
painting effect.

A tattoo is a decorative pictorial art of the human body.

Since ancient times, men and women worldwide have loved to decorate their bodies permanently, to the point of making it a work of art.

While in the past, one of the fundamental aspects of tattoos was their meaning, today, it has become a much more accessible phenomenon, also linked to aesthetics.

For this, over time, different tattoo styles have developed.

Each of them has technical and executive particularities that make it unique.

However, in this article, we will discuss the watercolour tattoos, i.e., the tattoo style watercolour.

We will see together the particularities of this style and the most popular subjects.

Finally, there will be a well-stocked gallery of tattoo ideas to inspire you.

Special Features of Watercolor Tattoo

  • Each tattoo style is unique and has particularities that make it so.
  • While lines and black are critical for some tattoo styles, this is not the case in watercolour tattoos.
  • Black is present in minimal quantities and almost exclusively in the lines.
  • Furthermore, in most cases, the lines are not very marked.
  • However, the choice depends on the design and, above all, on the artist.

Tattoo Watercolor subjects

  • Unlike other tattoo styles such as Irezumi and old school, the subjects are practically infinite in watercolour tattoos.
  • In short, there are no rules to follow, and you leave room for imagination.
  • Anyway, do some research on Instagram or look at the books in the various studios to understand that some subjects are more popular than others regarding this lifestyle.

Tattoo Watercolor Ideas

  • In short, in watercolour tattoos, there is a lot of space for imagination and creativity.
  • It is why many people choose this style for their tattoos!
  • Anyway, below we leave you a gallery with over 60 tattoo ideas about watercolour tattoos.
  • We hope they can help you find the right idea for your next tattoo.
  • You can always find the credits of the various artists at the bottom right of each photo.
  • Please take a peek at their profiles and follow them on Instagram!

1. Small dots

  • Dot tattoos look like natural beauty marks.
  • They’re meaningful in the sense that the symbol or pattern of the dots can symbolize unlike aspects of one’s life, but hardly anyone will see them.
  • The ellipsis pattern tattoo above could symbolize infinity.

2. Alchemy symbols

  • Alchemy symbol tattoos are especially great for those who touch a connection to the earthly elements.
  • The triangular shapes are each significant without being overly eye-catching.

3. Music notes

  • Tiny music note tattoos are easy to conceal (especially if placed behind the ear) and are an everyday reminder that music is, indeed, life.

4. Outline of a country or state

  • Alternate to tattooing a map of the world on your arm is getting the outline of a country or state with particular significance.
  • Whether it’s where you studied abroad in college or the state you grew up in, the inked outline tattoo is a
    a creative way to commemorate a special place.

5. Constellation

  • Doctor Who fans and astronomy lovers will find prettiness in the design of a small constellation tattoo.
  • With stars, lines, and dots, there are endless design possibilities to be learned.

6. Tiny tree

  • Whether it be a leafless tree in the season or a blooming springtime sapling, a tiny tree tattoo shows a passion for nature in a unique way.

7. Words and Phrases

  • Word and phrase tattoos, which are sometimes called “script” when referring to cursive designs, are popular because there are no actual rules or structure to them.
  • Other than that, they have to contain letters.
  • You can take a word or phrase and add an image to it, essentially mixing different styles of tattoos into one.
  • Of course, no problem what you want your word or phrase tattoo to look like, whether it’s large and dark or small and bright.
  • It’s still a decent idea to get it done by a tattoo artist experienced in words and phrases to make sure the spelling is accurate and the design looks noble.

8. Couple Tattoos

  • Indeed among the most popular designs in the watercolour style, we find a couple of tattoos.
  • After all, the watercolour style fits very well with these designs, mainly because of the colours and delicate result.

9. Floral Tattoos

  • Floral tattoos have a range of values depending on the type of blossom you get (a lily, for pattern, represents both devotion and purity).
  • On the other hand, floral tattoos could also be purely aesthetic, as flowers are a shared love and tend to feel dainty or feminine in tattoo form.
  • There are many different options for what flowers you can get tattooed.
  • It can be as complex or simple as you want with any design elements, from vivid colours to heavy black outlines.
  • Some collective floral tattoos include roses, lavender, lotuses, and laurels.
  • Still, there is no definite limit to what florals you can get inked—as long as you find an experienced tattoo
    artist with the ability to create it.

10. Flowers

  • Even the flowers are often depicted subjects in this style.
  • The watercolour colouring gives a touch of delicacy and vivacity to the tattoo that seems to ideally indicate the very nature of the flowers, fragile and colourful.

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