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Waist Training – Corsets, Everything you need to know about corsets

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What is waist training?

Waist training is a way of shaping your body with a steel boned corset to alter your waistline and create the desired figure.

Traditionally, waist training was associated with wearing steel-boned corsets to create an exaggerated hourglass shape for women.

A corset is worn because of its stunning laces that make a tighter fit, pull on a woman’s floating ribs.

And it even rearranges internal organs a bit, significantly reducing her waist circumference.

While men may not go for the same accented hourglass shape as women, men can wear a corset to flatten their tummy and create a smoother, more delicate tummy.

Waist training corsets

  • Steel waist training corsets are the ultimate waist training option. As the name suggests, this corset style is based on steel construction that provides beneficial compression.
  • Like other traditional silk, corset styles and taffeta are famous textiles.
  • The steel-boned corset worn over time may be the most effective means of changing the lower rib cage’s shape and providing a well-defined hourglass shape.
  • These corsets vary in design to fit both above and below the bust.

Everything you need to know about corsets to train the waist

  • Having a small waist is one of the most famous beauty ideals.
  • We have famous corsets worn by women of the Victorian era and that during the 50s were put on the scene again by pin-up girls.
  • Today having the hourglass body is another of the trends that the Kardashians have made fashionable.
  • If we get carried away by their photos on Instagram, the person responsible for this would be the waist training.

Aims of waist training

  • It aims to reduce the area between the hips and the rib cage by working the front and oblique abs.
  • The idea is to strengthen the muscles to form a flatter stomach and a more defined waist.
  • These vary from person to person, either by weight or type of figure with which the training begins.
  • Don’t expect that just by magically putting it on; you will have Kim’s Waist. It would be best if you supplement them with a lot of exercises and a good diet.
  • The results will be faster because the corset stimulates thermal activity in the abdomen, making you sweat more during your training.

What kinds of exercises should you do?

  • I use it for an hour a day when I have a session with my trainer and tell you that it works better when I do sit-ups.
  • I have read that they are the best option when it comes to defining the waist.

Waist Training Tips

  • A healthy lifestyle should accompany waist training. Eat well and exercise regularly for the best results.
    Having a strong core is also the key to the success of your waist training. While not a necessity, don’t neglect these crunches.
  • The right fit is crucial for comfortable and practical waist training. Always follow measurement guidelines carefully, and keep in mind that you may need to change your waist trainer as your shape progresses.
  • Always buy a high-quality waist trainer made from high-quality materials. It produces the best results and is less likely to cause skin sensitivity.

Different types, the same goal

  • They reduce the waist by up to 15 centimeters due to the incredible compression they exert.
  • Firstly, the Latex shaping girdle, the most popular. It has steel temples and is fastened with brackets at the
    front, allowing different adjustments.
  • Just putting it on reduces 5 centimeters, and there are many colors. For a fixed size now, they also sell it with a zipper.
  • Secondly, Shaping Girdle with straps, the same as the previous one but with more generous support.
  • Polyester corset to be used as a waist reducer but not for sports.
  • Lastly, Use Xtreme Power Belt girdles, with a lighter compression of the elastic type.

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