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Space Candy Strain Review – Cannabinoids, Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects

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Space Candy Strain Review  – The use of hemp and marijuana products seems to be a trend that is here to stay. The plants have created a name for themselves as having many health benefits. The space candy strain is among the many hemp strains, and it is a combination of indica and sativa. As the name suggests, the space candy strain has a sweet candy scent that drags more users into using it.

Canada legalized marijuana recently, which means that you no longer have to worry about the legal consequences of getting high.

You can also buy weed in canada without any issues.

For some, this strain might be a little overwhelming since it has a high percentage of CBD, which is around 15%, and a 0.44% of THC, which might be a little too high. Due to this, it can have euphoric effects to the user, but if used well, it delivers numerous health benefits.

With that in mind, let’s look at a review of the space candy strain and its benefits and side effects.

Space Candy Strain Benefits

Different research shows that this strain can be used for various purposes. Here are some.

  •   Pain relief – There are certain pain levels that one cannot resist. It may be mild headaches, arthritis, or even muscle pain. It helps fight this by sending signal receptors to the body, which in turn reacts by sending pain relief effects. It also improves one mood, which means that you won’t be concentrating as much on the pain.
  •   It helps manage stress – We live in a world where stress is now a life-threatening condition. People are dying from the effects of PTSD, but what is space candy going to do to prevent stress victims from rising? Space candy provides a relaxing feeling that may help with stress and anxiety.
  •   Promotes appetite and improves weight gain – Though we think that weight gain is unhealthy, for some people, it’s the opposite. For fast weight gain, you can try different types of space candy strain near you for the best outcome.

Common Side Effects of Space Candy Strain

Space candy strain is a new trend and there is not much research done on it. Because of its high levels of THC, it can cause tremendous side effects if consumed for a long period or when one takes an overdose. Below are examples of possible side effects.

  •   Liver problems – Constant use of space candy can cause liver inflammation, which is a serious condition that should not be taken lightly. If you previously or currently have liver issues, it’s best if you first communicate with your doctor before trying anything.
  •   Dizziness – Though it boosts one’s mood, it can also cause dizziness. In most cases, the side effects are not supposed to last that long, but in others, they may last forever. Research more before using the product.
  •   It may alter the development of an unborn child – As mentioned above, the space candy strain has high levels of THC. This might hinder the development of an unborn child or even cause a miscarriage. Therefore, this should be avoided if one is pregnant.


The space candy strain provides a lot of benefits to its users. Not every state and country has yet to legalize its use. Therefore, it’s best if you research more to see if your state has legalized its use. Furthermore, it’s always best to consult with your doctor before purchasing any products. This will help you know if the product is safe for consumption.

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