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Write for Us – Royalbeautybllog – In response to the various questions that we receive from bloggers visiting the blog “the fit scene,” we have decided to publish a small online guide that offers maximum solutions to frequently asked questions that come to us in search of opportunities. Guest. Assignment.

So the initial reaction is as follows: of course, (hereafter rbb) accepts articles through contributing writers.

If you are curious about posting your visitors’ articles on rbb, we ask that you study the following commands with enthusiasm and make sure you follow them as best you can.

Board of Subjects

  • Guidelines for visitor writers as a backing creator to grab.
  • Guest Article content material

Write For Us –

  • photos and videos
  • Visitor publisher document (BIO)
  • Suggestions for guest posting
  • Take a look at the visitor message acceptance list
  • Few categories from which we receive articles

Perfect Guide for Visitor Writers as a Backing writer to Write for Us – Royalbeautybllog

Approximately the Appeal of the Association

Copyright suits him. You will always be the owner of your Quest Artifact. All help on our site is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 International license. It suggests that you are simply the owner of your guest post, allowing others to share, copy, adapt, distribute, perform, and publicly communicate it. And make it derivative works, as long as you are recognized as the guest blogger (link included), share it with an equivalent license, and do not use it for commercial or profit purposes.

The publications are Ad-honorem, which suggests that guest authors do not receive monetary payment for the magazine. Those who post during this blog receive the popularity (Guest Post Courtesy), which means posting in a recognized medium with quite a few years online, in addition to links to their respective blogs or websites.

Guest Article Content Material

First of all, beforehand you start writing, you need to approve an exciting topic for your blog, the content of which should be directly relate to the articles on our blog.

Pick two or three available titles and suggest the primary two or three sentences of the content so that you can see its relevance for search engine optimization and if it is suitable for the blog audience. You have the option to edit the information if necessary.

Here, the column of visitors you recommend has never been posted to any blog because no one will post a visitor post that rivals the genuine content or precisely yours. This point is challenging to make, but you have to unleash your creativity to find at least one unique approach; which is achieving by targeting separate keywords.

To make this point very clear, I will give you an example. Do you think you approve the posted visitor by putting the following text “discover great businesses starting at home”? The keyword here is “great businesses starting at home,” so you cannot link an editorial in your blog post on this similar topic, use this exact keyword.

Because? Because I couldn’t figure out the role, I was taking on by pointing the keyword equal to yours. And if RBB can function adequately, neither you nor I will allow it.

Word Count

Publish your content with at least six hundred sentences. Keep in mind that the average blog length we send is 2000 words. But the fee would be over 1000 words.

The content of the material must be original and henceforth not duplicated. Note that Google penalizes these things. When you have a great article that has already been publishing elsewhere, you can continually rewrite it for RBB.

Self-advertise: You can include up to two links in your posts at most, but usually to unique URLs (now more links to the same post twice) and not to commercial product/service pages. Ensure that the links in your blog posts are natural and that there is no perceived forced marketing action. And for the reasons definite in factor 3, the associated key phrases cannot be the primary of the article invited to publish.

Hyperlink if applicable. Also, don’t forget that I reserve the right to accept or not simply accept a hyperlink (mainly if you have doubts about it) and to put others forward.

Observations. Respond to all messages within a reasonable time. Usually, you get feedback.

We no longer recommend posting that incorporates the most effective or general business information about a person, agency, website, product, or supplier. These contributing writers are considered a public OTA and, therefore, benefit from subsidized fees.

Once your article is published, it is convenient for you to give yourself a “little help” by sharing it on your social networks.

Write For Us Approach

Please write to us in comfortable, not overly technical language to make the content easy to read and understand. Explain the very professional phrases you use (or hyperlink to definitions from Wikipedia or specific articles from various contributing publisher blogs explaining them).

Some contributing writers have a habit of using all caps to highlight words. Try not to use all caps, because it’s the same as shouting in the network, which is now wrong with our mode.

Keep in mind that most readers find out the message before analyzing it. So, try to highlight the key phrases or thoughts of your visitor’s article in bold, but don’t overdo it.

It is essential to facilitate the study, use many subheadings in the visitor’s post, and separate the narration into paragraphs that are no longer voluminous (three or four lines for the most part).

Don’t be too repetitive or redundant; use synonyms.

Pay close attention to your spelling and handwriting. Test the post carefully before submitting it. All sentence processors have proofreaders. You must activate it and indicate the language for Write for Us – Royalbeautybllog.

For other great suggestions on how to “write for us,” I recommend you look here.

Pictures and Videos

I want a cover photo to send (1200x800px) that makes me feel with its subject. Or if you want, I can choose it myself.

Try including snapshots or screenshots with a premium glossy layout and PNG format to make contributor recommendations or tutorials more engaging.

Size of photos within the article: 600px for the total width, no more than 500px in height, and the most petite possible length of the document (KB).

For films or exhibitions, please ignore the codes and insert them in the area of ​​the visitor station you want.

Pictures or screenshots of your message, please send them to me as attachments in an email.

Use a brief description of the textual content (or caption) with critical phrases such as the name of those snapshots or screenshots.

Critical – Involves calling the photo log in the essential role you want it to appear in the post.

For example: in the exact text, type

Here place the photo “this-is-a-guest-post-via.Jpg.”

Visitor Writer Document (BIO)

I want a biography that describes you from the period, which now does not exceed 400 characters (no more sentences). In addition to your email address (the only one you use in your Gravatar.Com account) to search for a photo in the Writer’s Shipping Container, be sure to include the links on your blog and your social networks.

The required Gravatar account in your viewed photo. If you don’t have an account, open it (it’s personal), and it won’t take more than 2 minutes.

Guest Posting Hints

Remember to check the sentences before posting an editorial to see if you have added all the requested data. If an object has to come back and usually passes through now without meeting the requirements, attrition occurs, ruining the excellent relationship between the two stakeholders of Write for Us – Royalbeautybllog.

Have a look at the List for Accepting Visitors Posts Write for Us – Royalbeautybllog

Is the submitted article easy to read?

Is this the correct length?

Since, the text structured effectively with relevant subheadings?

You don’t have any spelling mistakes, and is your syntax correct?

Do you include photographs and illustrations one after the other, and are you identified effectively?

Include your bio and email to link to your Gravatar account?

If you have any queries/ need to post an article, you can write an email to ( using “Guest Wanted” in the header.

Sooner or later, I will tell you that it will probably be a satisfaction to be a guest blogger on this blog. I hope you can also make the most of the visibility and broadcasting that digital advertising brings. Here are additional statistics on the benefits of visitor viewing Write for Us – Royalbeautybllog.

Few Categories that We take Provision of Articles From:

Beauty guidelines & tricks – Write for us

Fashion – Write for us

Life-style – Write for us

Product Reviews – Write for us

Health pointers & hints – Write for us

Style – Write for  us

Makeup tips & tricks – Write for  us

Makeup products update – Write for us

Food – Write for us

Health – Write For Us

Weight reduction – Write For Us