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Perm – Suitable for all hair types, Duration, How to style a perm? The Best Products

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What is a Hair Perm?

The perm is a technique of curling hair that lasts 3 to 6 months. It may be done on all hair types, short, long, straight, or curly, even if naturally wavy hair can do without.

To achieve a permanent hair perm, we use a chemical curling product and curlers to achieve well-defined curls for a long time.

A perm is a technical gesture that must be performed by a hairdressing professional.

Prices vary from around twenty euros for a partial perm to over 100 € for a full perm on long hair, depending on the hair salon.

The perm is a styling technique that involves modifying the texture of the hair to create more or less tight curls or waves.

Located on the roots, it gives volume to flat hair.

The perm takes place in three major stages:

The hairdresser wraps the hair around curlers of varying sizes depending on the desired effect.

He then coats the hair with a curling product that dilates the hair scale to make it malleable and takes the fold.

After a pause, the curlers remove, the hairdresser applies a lotion that neutralizes the effects of the perm and tightens the hair scales.

Perm is suitable for all hair types

  • The perm adapts to all hair lengths. It is because different rollers allow shortcuts to display the curls you want.
  • The hairdresser can also use tweezers or curlers for successful styling to do the perm on all the hair or just a few locks depending on the desired volume.
  • Naturally, straight hair can also be tried perming. The product used penetrates the hair fibre, which provides the volume even to the flattest hair.
  • The smaller the curlers used, the more curly the hair will be. You choose the size of your curls. It may be a
    a decent idea to do a test with a curling iron before going to the hairdresser.
  • Before you start, do not hesitate to make curls with your straightener to define the type of curls that best enhance your hair type.

Duration of a hair perm

  • As the name suggests, a perm is everlasting even if this definition needs to be qualified.
  • If the perm is successful, the curls hold 2 to 3 months before gradually relaxing.
  • However, the permed hair will never become stiff again as it was initially. It will be necessary to wait until it grows back and cut the treated lengths to find its original hair.

How to style a perm?

  • Maintaining your curls is a real job, but there are many products to help you with it.
  • Structure them, and foams are ideal. Applied to clean hair, they make it possible to energize the curls, give tone, and work your hair more quickly.
  • Booster sprays can be used daily. Applied all over the hair, they help tame the curls by texturizing, moisturizing, and caring for them.
  • You can touch up your perm at a hairdresser when the regrowth has exceeded 15 centimetres.
  • If, on the contrary, you tire of your curls, the only remedy is to cut your hair because it has taken the form of curls.
  • It will therefore be necessary to be patient: the perm will disappear over the cuts.

The Best Products For Perm Hair

1. L’Oréal Beach Waves Normal Hair

  • Fitness service for beach return waves for up to 8 weeks. Suitable for normal hair: long to medium, fine to thick

2. Permanent lotion n ° 1 Dulcia advanced L’Oréal Pro

  • This long-lasting, fortifying perm lotion combines ionene G with protective agents and helps maintain the hair’s hydration level.
  • Thanks to this reducing agent, a protective film preserves the hair’s hydration to fight against its dehydration and preserve the cosmetic properties during the shaping.

3. SH-RD protein cream

  • Perm hair needs moisture and protection, and this protein-rich leave-in does just that: it binds moisture with its silk protein complex and protects the strands from chlorine, hot tools, and UV rays.

4. Colour volume emulsion cream

  • The 250ml Color volume emulsion cream is a treatment cream that neutralizes and strengthens the hair structure while protecting the colour.

5. Marc Anthony Curl Defining Lotion

  • Perm hair can be prone to frizz and runouts. Keep the two of them at bay with this moisture-proof lotion that makes curls bouncy and silky, just as they should be.

6. Permanente Well Lotion for normal to resistant hair Creatine + Curl Wella Pro

Characteristics of the Permanente from the Creatine + Curl range:

  1. It contains highly hydrating care agents
  2. Makes hair shiny
  3. Avoid frizz
  4. Considered to be used in addition to Wellaplex
  5. Exposure time without the heat of 5 to 15 minutes
  6. Suitable for normal to resistant hair

7. Kristin Ess Beach Strengthening Reconstructive Moisturizing Mask

  • O’Connor emphasizes the importance of moisture and nutrition to perm hair, and this colour-safe mask works on all fronts.
  • It nourishes damaged hair follicles (parched ends), untangles hard-to-brush strands, and adds moisture and shine to hair.

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