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Achieving a Balanced, Natural-Looking Facial Appearance

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Facial Appearance – The skin is the largest organ in the human body. It works around the clock to offer your body much-needed protection when healthy. But when compromised, it becomes impossible for it to function as an effective barrier.

You, therefore, need to find ways to boost its health and achieve a balanced, natural-looking facial appearance. Below is a look at tips that can assist you in highlighting, correcting, and enhancing your natural features. Please click here to learn more!

1. Exfoliate

The skin acts as a window to your body and can reveal the type of life that you have led over the years. However, it can prove challenging trying to go with its flow. You’ll find that there are days when it will glow naturally and others when it will appear dull and dead.

It will help if you compliment your daily skincare routine with exfoliators. Exfoliation allows you to remove the old, dead cells responsible for giving you a blunt look. Applying a moisturizer may not do much to improve your appearance, requiring you to exfoliate and remove the dead cells.

Exfoliating will bring about a tremendous change to your facial skin.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Hydration is another essential factor in obtaining a natural-looking facial appearance. Beauty experts recommend taking at least eight glasses of water per day. That’s enough water to support optimal health and keep your skin looking young and radiant.

Dehydration can cause your skin to appear dull and dry. It also tends to emphasize the various signs linked to aging, e.g., fine lines and wrinkles. Ensuring you drink enough water each day will assist in replenishing your skin’s cells and tissues.

It will also lead to the development of healthier and younger-looking skin.

3. Try to Get Enough Sleep Each Night

Your skin repairs yourself each night when you fall asleep. As such, the more sleep you get per night, the more time that your complexion has to repair itself. And the best part is that you don’t have to wait for weeks to notice these results.

You can notice a difference the following day! Women who wear makeup won’t need to use much makeup after waking up as their skin will appear smooth and naturally refreshed. The opposite holds!

The cortisol levels in the body will begin to rise if you don’t get enough sleep. High cortisol levels will lead to under-eye puffiness. It increases the collagen breakdown rate when this happens, causing your eyes to develop under-eye bags.

4. Wear SPF Before Leaving the House

Whether it’s rainy, chilly, or 90° outside, you need to use sunscreen to protect your skin. Adding it to your daily skincare routine will guarantee a younger-looking skin all year. Failure to use sunscreen can cause wrinkles to appear and increase your risk of getting skin cancer.

Make sure to research the SPF versions available in the market. Where possible, go for an SPF 30 and steer away from the SPF 50 as there’s no evidence to prove its efficiency. Look for one that comes packed with vitamins and can assist in moisturizing your facial skin.

5. Eat Your Way to Natural-Looking Skin

“You are what you eat” is a phrase that applies perfectly in this scenario. Following a nutritious diet is an excellent way of achieving healthy skin. To make it more effective, you need to add fruits and veggies to your daily diet.

Additionally, consider including foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, e.g.,

  • Pumpkin
  • Flax seeds
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Oranges
  • Walnuts

It may also be a good idea to include high protein foods such as:

  • Cottage cheese
  • Eggs
  • Chickpeas
  • Lentils
  • Chicken
  • Kidney beans

Taking a wholesome diet helps in keeping you healthy and radiant from within your body. The diet ensures that your body receives everything it needs to look younger and give you a radiant skin glow.

6. Practice A Facial Massage Routine

A facial massage feels enjoyable, and it can assist in lessening tension in your facial muscles and boosting circulation. Reduced tension enables the skin cells to remain healthy while helping with lymphatic drainage.

You can use a jade roller or commit to practising a facial gua sha routine daily. The best part about facial massages is that they don’t take up much time and will leave you with a radiant glow, thanks to the increased circulation.

7. Lower Your Stress Levels

Stress has the potential to impact your skin in various ways. Health experts believe that elevated stress levels can delay skin healing, decrease the amount of blood flowing to your skin, and raise inflammation levels.

Taking time off from your busy daily schedule will allow you to reduce your stress levels. Relaxing will significantly benefit your mind and body, contributing to a natural-looking facial appearance.

You can lower your elevated stress levels by:

  • Practising mindfulness, breathing exercises or taking part in yoga
  • Reducing your participation in stressful activities
  • Winding down before going to bed each night
  • Making time for activities that can relieve stress or activities they enjoy performing

8. Quit Smoking

Smoking causes your facial skin to age. It causes the blood vessels in the outer skin layer to become narrow, thereby reducing blood flow. Reduced blood flow means the skin doesn’t receive the oxygen and nutrients required to remain healthy.

Collagen and elastin are responsible for giving the skin its elasticity and strength. Smoking causes skin elasticity to reduce, leading to a collagen breakdown. Your body also begins to produce collagen in reduced amounts.

Additionally, the repetitive expressions you make when smoking, e.g., pursing your lips, can cause your face to become wrinkled. If you’re a chronic smoker, the best thing you can do for your skin is to quit.

Check out the resources provided by to learn how you can quit smoking.


A natural-looking facial appearance refers to skin that’s healthy and adequately hydrated. You can work towards this by making lifestyle changes, introducing fruits and vegetables to your diet, and implementing a skincare routine.

UV light, smoking, insufficient sleep and elevated stress levels can damage your skin health. Try to avoid them where possible, and follow the eight tips mentioned above to achieve a radiant glow.

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