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Best Face Moisturizer for Men – How to use and when to apply?

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Best Face Moisturizer for Men

Best Face Moisturizer for Men is not very easy to choose, mainly if you’ve never used one yet. It is establishing itself as a product of the daily male routine.

In fact, the third most used product for the care of our face, behind the shaving foam and the aftershave balm.

There are male moisturizers for different skin types, all of them very attentive to the characteristics of our
skin, thicker or fatter due to testosterone.

A good moisturizer frees you from irritation and redness, while some may have sunscreen or an anti-pollution barrier action.

How and when to apply Face Moisturizer?

  • We all believe we know how to apply a face cream, but we often forget about the neck, another part of the body that remains exposed to harmful environmental factors.
  • Being thin, sensitive, and prone to dehydration, the skin of the neck can lose softness, opening the doors to the first symptoms of ageing.
  • Should apply the moisturizer at least once a day after using the aftershave, and it is good to use it even before going to bed.
  • There are day creams and night creams, and you must not forget to moisturize the eye area as well, especially if you are worried about dark circles.

The Best Face Moisturizers for Men

  • There are various brands of moisturizing creams for men on the market, and each of them offers products of different textures and formats.
  • Below we have created a small ranking with products that have received good ratings.
  • Take a look at them to learn about the characteristics of each and see if they might be right for you.

1. L’Oréal Paris Hydra Energic

  • L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energic moisturizer moisturizes the skin and reduces fatigue, thanks to vitamin C and guarana extract.
  • Its formula makes the cream effective for 24 hours, leaving the skin soft and reducing signs of fatigue such as dark circles, loss of tone, and dull complexion.
  • Most users have found the positive effects promised by L’Oréal cream, resulting in a more hydrated and less tired skin after at least a few days of use.
  • However, it is also pointed out that it is necessary to use it two or even three times a day to benefit from its benefits, although it is sufficient to use tiny doses.

2. Collistar face cream for men, aftershave, and anti-wrinkle

  • The cream combines the calming and reddening effects of aloe, chamomile, and licorice extracts with the anti-wrinkle effects of Speci’Men.
  • It has an elasticizing and thickening complex for men’s skin.
  • A pool of revitalizing and protective vitamins and a unique molecular system ensure long-lasting hydration.

3. Florence Retinol Dream

  • The moisturizing cream proposed by Florence can restore brightness and elasticity to the skin.
  • It counteracts the appearance of wrinkles and reducing damage caused by the sun.
  • Its formula sees the addition of vitamin E, jojoba oil, and hyaluronic acid. It is an AIAB Ecobio Cosmetics and ICEA Vegan certified product.

4. Deborah Milano Bioetyc Man

  • 50 ml of cream-gel designed for men aged 30 to 40 against stress. It has a tonic and energizing function, as well as having a moisturizing and emollient activity.
  • Rhodiola Siberiana extract has enormous success against the formation of the first wrinkles. Suitable as a day cream.

5. Clarins face cream for dry skin

  • Organic Goethe plant is the active ingredient of this ultra-moisturizing solution.
  • It kindles the production of hyaluronic acid, which counteracts premature skin ageing caused by pollution or naturally dry skin.
  • You find it with Two-Phase Moisturizing Serum or the name Hydra Essentiel.


  • In summary, the skin of the face is a susceptible part of the body that needs special care. Being constantly exposed, many external agents can attack and damage it.
  • Factors such as the sun, pollution, or stress can be reflected on the skin in the form of blemishes or other
  • Face creams for men offer everything you need. And, fortunately, there are as many types as there are skin types.
  • You will indeed find the best cream for you for the correct care of your face. So, wait no longer and start using a cream for your daily routine!
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