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4 Different Kajal Application Styles To Woo Everyone Differently!

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Kajal has been used by women across the globe for centuries now. It helps enhance the eyes and adds to their charm and confidence. In fact, in all sorts of makeup online, Kajal is one of the most bought products around the globe. 

If you are also a Kajal lover, you may be in love with the various ways one can apply it to their eyes. Cat Eye Kajal and Kol Rimmed Eye are some of the most common styles. Here’s a detailed guide on more!

1. Winged Liner 

We all know how well Kajal can cover the task of an eyeliner. So, even drawing Winged Liner using a Kajal is super easy and quick. First, try to design a tiny side flick. Once you do that, bring it to connect with the center of your lashes. You may also bring it to an extension by stretching it to the inner eye corners. Smudge it to create a Smokey Eye  look if you want a party look. So, when you buy cosmetics online, do not forget to purchase a good-quality Kajal for this style. 

2. Tightlining Waterline 

Some of us love applying Kajal but keeping the eye look subtle. If you also love such a makeup look, this style is bound to be your favorite. Here, you can do the upper inner lids of your eyes to make your eyes look bold and beautiful. In fact, this Kajal style can also go well with Indian wear and any other attire you love. Finish off this bold look using a Mascara. Buy cosmetics online to implement this look on yourself now. 

3. Pop Of Color 

Who said you cannot experiment enough using Kajal? If you have enough colored Kajal pencils, you can make the most of them to create a pop of color and be party-ready in a moment. Now, it is time to dump that boring Black Kajal for something more fun. So, pick your favorite shades of Kajal and line them on your eyelids to create a standout look. You can get such makeup online for affordable prices. 

4. Reverse Cat Eye 

A Classic Cat Eye can never fail to do the talking. But what is even more magical is a Reverse Cat Eye look. You need to have a black pencil to outline the lower lash line for this look. Now, take an Angled Brush to wing out those edges. After that, you can extend the inner corners and wing them close to the outer corner of your eyes. Once that is done, smoke it out using a clean brush. Now, using a detailed brush, you need to diffuse the corners using an eyeshadow. You can use some Mascara to finish off this look. So, purchase the best makeup online for this purpose. 

When you head out to buy makeup online, purchase a it is affordable and highly pigmented. This will help you to apply Kajal on time without any issues.