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Is My Neck Lift Going to Look Natural?

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Neck Lift – It is a purely aesthetic procedure that eliminates excess skin in addition to fat from the area surrounding your jaw-line. As a result, the neck appears younger and more defined. Neck lift surgery can produce long-lasting results, but it cannot reverse the process of aging.

A [neck lift] is performed to minimize aging signs in the face’s lower section. It’s frequently performed as part of skin rejuvenation, such as a facelift.

What Can Neck Lift Surgery Correct?

Neck lift surgery can correct the following issues:


-Extra deposits of fat beneath the chin

-Jowls that are caused by extra fat and relaxation of the skin in the lower half of the face

A number of factors, such as genetic inheritance, stress, gravity, environmental circumstances, can contribute to the lack of a younger-looking shape in the neck and face.

In some cases, patients may not need an extensive facelift. Instead, they may have a double chin or wrinkles within the neck that needs correcting.  It is a perfect option if the neck does not complement the look of the upper facial area.

A cheek injection, an eyebrow lift, lip injection, or eyelid procedure, can be done in combination with a [neck lift].

What Does Neck Lift Surgery Not Achieve?

When a it is done as a restorative surgical procedure, it will not alter your basic look and won’t reverse the process of aging.

Is a Non-Invasive Neck Lift an Option?

Noninvasive rejuvenation procedures, unfortunately, will not produce similar results as [neck lift] surgery. However, they can slow the time when a [neck lift] is suitable and enhance the results of the surgical procedure.

Nonsurgical procedures may be desired by those who desire to enhance the aging signs in their neck area. The advantages of these procedures include faster recovery and minimal risks.

A popular nonsurgical procedure is dermal fillers. This procedure replenishes lost skin volume. Botox, on the other hand, is a procedure done to promote relaxation of the muscles and decrease wrinkling in the longitudinal neck bands. Although these procedures differ, they are both effective at improving the neck area.

Other non surgical procedures include fractionated laser treatment and Kybella. Textural modifications in the skin can be achieved with fractionated laser procedure. However, with the  Kybella treatment, fat cells can be broken down to get rid of excess fat in the neck.

Radiofrequency combined with microneedling, another noninvasive treatment, can revitalize the skin by stimulating collagen production. Similarly, the use of ultrasound will induce collagen development, which can ultimately help to reduce lines and wrinkles in the neck

Should I Get a Neck Lift?

Overall, the following people are suitable for a [neck lift]:

-Those who are not smokers.

-Those that are optimistic and have reasonable expectations.

-Those that are in good health and have no medical issues that impede healing.

Is a Neck Lift Procedure Expensive?

The average cost of a [neck lift] is about $5,800. However, this is only a portion of the overall cost. The price of the procedure also includes surgery facilities, anesthesia, or other associated expenses. To establish your final cost, start by contacting your cosmetic surgeon.

The cost for surgery will be determined by the surgeon’s expertise, the kind of surgery performed, and the geographic location of the office.

The majority of health insurance plans will not cover the cost of this type of surgical procedure or its side effects. However, many surgeons provide financing plans, to help patients afford the costs of the procedure.

The following expenses may be incurred as a result:

-Medication prescriptions

-After-surgery clothing, such as hospital gowns

-Service charge for surgeon

-Medical checkups

-Blood tests

-Health or surgical facilities

-Costs for anesthesia

When selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon, keep in mind that the number of years of expertise and your level of comfort are more crucial than the costs.

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