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How to Choose Between a Rebranding and a Brand Refresh

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Rebranding – There are a lot of buzzwords that fly around when it comes to branding. It can be difficult to know what they mean and whether they are going to be helpful for your company. For example, you are going to hear a lot about rebranding and brand refreshing. Do they mean the same thing?

It is important to realise that rebranding and a brand refresh are different processes. While both can be transformative for businesses, you have to choose the right one for your situation carefully. Here are some tips on how to choose between the processes.

What is Rebranding?

Let’s start by talking about rebranding. This is the process of completely changing how your business looks and feels to a customer. You are aiming to transform how you are perceived in your industry. This can involve a variety of changes, such as changing your name and logo, as well as redesigning your website. It is a huge process and it will take a lot of work, which includes research and design phases. This is about adopting a new personality and even an entirely new image.

Rebranding is a difficult process and it can take a long time to figure out the best direction for your business. This is why it can be beneficial to work with a brand design agency. They have experts who understand how this process works. Check out if your business is in the home or healthcare industry. They have years of experience in transforming brands and this might be the assistance you need to achieve your long-term business goals.

When Should You Rebrand?

There is a range of reasons why you should consider rebranding. For example, if your business has been around for a while, it is likely that things have changed. Perhaps you are no longer inspired by your branding or the industry has moved on significantly since you first started. Your brand name may no longer reflect who you are and what you represent, as well as what appeals to customers. Rebranding gives you the opportunity to change this entirely and modernise. You can always start from scratch and take on a new look.

Rebranding is also beneficial for taking on the competition. You can transform how you are perceived so that you can rival those that are capturing your customers. Know that if you feel you have outgrown your brand, you do not have to give up. Instead, rebranding can inspire you again and transform how you stand in the market. You can connect with new customers and go through a change.

Rebranding will also be beneficial if your business has been associated with negative situations in the past. It is a change to change how you are perceived and to start over again with customers.

What is a Brand Refresh?

Next, let’s consider what a brand refresh is. The clue is in the name; you are going to be refreshing your brand and making changes that allow your business to be better. But, these changes are not as major as those involved in a rebranding process. Instead, this is about updating and tweaking certain parts of your branding. You are not taking on a new image and you want to be recognised by the same audience. But, at the same time, you want to be better than you were before.

This is not to say that a brand refresh is easy. Indeed, you are still going to have to figure out a strategy to move forward. This could include thorough research before you update your current logo or listening to customers before changing your slogan. So, do not be under the impression that a brand refresh is the easiest option. Both are a lot of work.

When Should You Refresh Your Brand?

Refreshing your brand is going to be the best move for your business in a number of scenarios. For example, say that you have a lot of competition in your industry. Perhaps you feel like your brand could do better and are falling behind the competition. Well, refreshing your brand might be the right move to take in order to keep up with current trends and what consumers are enjoying. You can ensure that you appeal to them and stay current within your industry.

Refreshing your brand can also be beneficial for you as the owner. Perhaps you have become complacent and have lost some joy surrounding your brand. Making some updates and tweaks can be what is necessary to spark that passion again and to continue building your business. Do not forget that your business evolves over time too. So, a refresh may be necessary to reflect this transformation. Indeed, your audience changes over time and this might have to be reflected in your branding.

Changes happen all the time in different industries. What you need to do is make sure that your business keeps up. Otherwise, you will keep falling behind. Some business owners are stubborn and especially if they have been around for years. But you have to remember that some of the biggest brands in the world go through refreshes in order to continue their success.

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