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Hair Diffuser – Results on different hair types, How to choose the Best Diffuser?

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Hair Diffuser

A Hair Diffuser is an attachment to a hairdryer, with which the hair is dried more indirectly than with a normal blow-dryer

The English word “diffusor” means “aerator” or “air distributor” in German, and that is what it does.

With the diffuser attachment, the proper technique leads to more volume or defined curls.

Results of Hair Diffuser on different hair types

  • When used correctly, a diffuser can conjure up the beautiful volume. However, the results will depend somewhat on your hair type.
  • If you have naturally curly hair, then a diffuser can give the curls new zest and define them more beautifully.
  • For naturally wavy hair, a diffuser can enhance the natural curls in the hair and make them more voluminous.
  • If you have naturally straight and fine hair, then no diffuser can conjure up a massive mane of curls, but it can bring more volume, body, and movement into the hair.

How to choose the correct diffuser for your hair?

  • If you wish to dry your hair faster or if your hair has a lot of volumes, “you need a toothed cup diffuser,” says
  • Angela Soto, stylist and owner of Baja Studio in New York.
  • “The airflow is a little stronger than most speakers.”
  • If you have frizzy hair, you can use a sock diffuser.
  • The gentle airflow “doesn’t disturb the curls at all,” Soto says, but she warns that the hair will take longer to dry due to the super-gentle air.
  • If you have very tight curls, “use a hand-shaped diffuser,” suggests Soto.
  • “The airflow is gentle, but it can insert fingers directly into the root without disturbing the length of the curls.”

Best Hair Diffusers

1. The Bouncer Diffuser (DRYBAR)

  • Cup diffusers are ideal for dry bundling of curls without frizz in. Keep your curls in line with the standard
    diffuser, which slows down the airflow speed and makes sure that each curly strand is gently dried.
  • Although it was developed for the Drybar Buttercup and Baby Buttercup hairdryers, it will also fit other hairdryers with nozzles up to 5 cm wide.

2. SEGBEAUTY Hair Diffuser

  • Provide your hair with the attention it deserves with the Segbeauty diffuser.
  • It has a more profound and more giant bowl which allows for a good grip on your hair and avoids curl trouble and the staggering finger lengths are great for layered hair.

3. XTAVA (Black Orchid Large)

  • You will appreciate this device if you have ever suffered arm cramps while drying your hair.
  • The fingers are equipped with air inlets for drying to achieve a simultaneous flow of air at both the roots and the ends and speed up the drying and styling process of the hair.

4. Karii Hair Dryer Diffuser Universal

  • Quick Detail on Diffusers: The more holes in the bowl, the more air it releases and the faster your hair will dry.
  • I have delicate curls that tend to frizz, so my hair needs to dry slowly and deeply.
  • However, if you have thicker, rougher hair that takes forever to dry or is just in a hurry, try this quick-drying
    diffuser (fits 1.38-2.68 inch nozzles, so check the tips first. your measurements!).

5. Sindycurls Magic Collapsible Silicone

  • This flexible and foldable diffuser (!!) is made of silicone, which means that not only does it take up exactly
    zero space in your pocket, but it can also be stretched to fit any hairdryer nozzle between 1.6 and 2 inches.
  • And since the bowl is wide (key for more extended types of curls) and the tips are short (good for shorter greasy hair), this diffuser is the best all-around accessory to try regardless of your hair type.

6. DevaCurl DevaFuser Universal

  • Don’t let this crazy-looking diffuser throw you in – it’s a holy grail tool in communities with curly hair.
  • The slime green “claw” pours air from all sides of its branches, helping to dry the locks with significantly less frizz or heat damage.
  • Instead of stacking your hair in a classic diffuser cup, slide this DevaCurl diffuser along with your roots and hang out while drying your locks.

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