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HAIR CREAM – In this world where all kinds of humans reside, we try to live up to our definition of ‘pretty. This entire façade consists of newly styled hair, a beautifully presented face, and a nice thin body. But it is not necessarily a bad thing every time. We can always put extra effort to look our best, but we should always know what’s best for us. We should not compromise on anything from the best makeup products to the best hair cream for men because there is no reason to. Instead of just looking pretty and likable in public, we should take our skin and daily routine. That can be done for the skin, but what about the hair? It plays an essential role in touching up our appearance. If seen for women, they have long hair and can maintain it at home and make it look presentable outside, but for men, since many of them have comparatively shorter hair, they might want to use hair gel or hair cream while going out to look decent. But this does not mean that women cannot use hair cream either.

The main work of a hair cream is to give a natural shine to rough hair. It smoothens the hair and holds it in place so that it doesn’t fall. The fun thing to note is that it doesn’t make one’s head heavy either. Note that hair cream is used as a styling gel, but one can include it in their daily hair care routine since it provides nutrients to the hair, which might be lacking, thus improving your hair quality.



–       Provides required nutrients – if the hair gel is made naturally, then there is a high possibility that it will do much more than give you a presentable and attractive look. It will enrich your hair with some nutrients while it’s at it too.

It makes it look like you have thicker hair – this solely depends on what kind of hair you get to buy. If you buy the correct kind, it will give your hair a definite shape, and it will look like you have thicker hair.

–       You will be able to keep your look all day long – if you put lots of hair gel in your hair, it will hold your hair in that position for quite a long while, so you will not have to worry about losing your look mid-way through a program.

–       They capture the natural curl pattern of your hair – hair gels enhance your already beautiful hair while they capture the natural curl pattern of your hair, which makes it easy for wash and go. It makes life easier.


–       Causes hair loss – these gels tend to dry up the hair causing frequent visits to breakage and fall. The chemicals present in the gel react with the pollutants in the air, and the dead cells secrete excess sebum in the scalp, ultimately leading to hair loss.

–       They contain alcohol – because they contain alcohol (note that only fatty alcohol is not bad for the hair) and other chemicals, which might be used to preserve the hairstyle for a longer time.

Dehydrates the hair because they have such chemicals and non-fatty alcohol content, which scrapes the moisture content from the scalp, making it dehydrated and dead.

–       Dandruff – because the hair becomes so dehydrated and malnourished, it causes it to become flaky and itchy. It can lead to dandruff.


– Note that there are many kinds of hair gels specialising in different categories, so it is essential to know the main property you want in your hair gel.

– Hope to get an organic hair gel since it has lesser side effects.

– Do not use a lot of hair gel at one go either, and get it in small quantities since it will keep you motivated to use it a little at a time.

Please know that it is not necessary that you have to use a hair gel if you want to, and remember that your hair is good the way it is. Even then, if you want to get yourself a hair gel go for it.

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