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Frequently Asked Questions About Dimpleplasty

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Dimpleplasty – Have you ever looked at someone smiling and noticed how cute or sexy their dimples were? Dimples can be the perfect compliment to an already amazing smile, acting as bookends on both ends of a happy, intriguing or playful smile. Dimples are generally something that you are either born with or born without. However, thanks to a procedure known as dimpleplasty Houston-based, anyone who is looking to make their existing dimples more prominent or get dimples when they do not already have them, can now get them.

What Is Dimpleplasty?

Dimpleplasty is essentially the making of dimples. An incision is made inside of your cheek and goes through to the cheek muscle. It is then tied into place, creating that dimple effect that is noticeable on the outside of your face. As your face starts to heal, the dimple may seem small or less noticeable. However, as the area begins to heal and scar tissue begins to form, the indentation is reinforced and the dimple becomes much more noticeable. Most people notice the full effects of the surgery three months after the procedure is completed.

Who is a Candidate for Dimpleplasty?

Dimpleplasty is a purely cosmetic procedure. There are no health benefits associated with this procedure. As such, this procedure should only be done on those who are in good health. Most cosmetic doctors recommend waiting until the age of 18 to have the procedure done to ensure your face is fully grown and shaped. If you have any health conditions and are wondering if you may be a candidate for dimpleplasty, you will want to consult with a plastic surgeon.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

Dimpleplasty is an extremely fast procedure. Individuals are given local anesthesia and are not put to sleep. Once the anesthesia has been applied and has taken effect, each dimple takes around ten minutes to complete. This means that your procedure should be done in 20 minutes or less if you are getting two new dimples.

Are Dimpleplasty Results Permanent?

Dimpleplasty results are generally permanent for most people. However, as you age, and your skin begins to sag, your dimples may become less prominent. This is normal for people who have natural dimples and dimples created using dimpleplasty.

What is the Recovery Process Like For Dimpleplasty?

The recovery process for dimpleplasty is extremely fast and easy. Since you are not put to sleep for this procedure, you are able to leave the office quickly after the procedure is done. From there, you may experience some minor swelling or pain for a few days after the procedure. Over-the-counter pain relievers and ice are the best ways to deal with the discomfort. Most doctors use dissolvable stitches in your mouth following the procedure, meaning there are no stitches to remove. However, if non-dissolvable stitches are used, you may need to have those stitches removed. All in all, people generally take a couple of days off after the procedure and are able to go back to work, resume working out and do all of their normal day-to-day activities within days of the dimpleplasty procedure.

If you think you would look great with dimples, dimpleplasty Houston-based is a cosmetic procedure that can be used to make your existing dimples more prominent, give you two dimples if you only have one, or give you two dimples if you have no dimples. If you are ready to learn more about getting dimples, including how you might look with dimples and more about dimpleplasty, reach out to a cosmetic surgeon today. They can help you determine if you may be a good candidate for this procedure.