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3 Chic Sweater and Dress Combinations for Fall

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With cooler fall weather blowing in, you might be wondering how to transition your fall dresses into warmer outfits. Some people might just tell you to wear pants, but there are instances where you can’t wear pants. So, dresses and skirts are your only option, but they can be chilly since they tend to leave more skin exposed.

You can always add things like tights or leggings under dresses. This really helps with heat retention when you’re going places like church or work where you might need to wear a dress. You can add other accessories like hats and scarves as well. However, one of the warmest additions you can make is sweaters. Whether it be a cardigan or a classic cable-knit sweater, they can help you layer over your dress and feel a bit warmer. Here are three chic sweaters and dress combinations for fall.

1. Short Cardigan and a Knee-Length Dress

If you’re rocking a knee-length dress, throw on a short cardigan over the top. When we say a short cardigan, we mean one that isn’t the length of the dress. Maybe try one that ends at your hips. Cardigans are a great way to layer over your dress. They are much less bulky than coats, and they come in an astounding variety of colors and patterns. So, if you’re wearing a patterned dress, select a cardigan in a matching or neutral color, just make sure it’s solid. Pattern matching can be tricky and risky. Then finish off your outfit with a cute pair of brown, black, or blue ankle boots. As a bonus idea, wedge boots look a little more dressy than regular ankle boots, but are more comfortable than heels.

2. Sweater and a Maxi Dress

As a fun way to mix up your wardrobe, you can layer a sweater over the top of some dresses. One really fun way to do that is by layering a chunky sweater over a maxi dress. There are a bunch of tutorials on the internet about how to use a belt under your sweater to make it look more fitted and less lumpy over a dress. Highly recommend watching one of those tutorials as it will give this look a more polished feel. You don’t want to wear a fully fitted sweater over the top though because you’ll see the lines of the top of the dress through the sweater. Finish it off with a pair of comfy flats or boots. Since people won’t be able to see your feet, you can wear a pair that you like that is comfier!

3. Long Cardigan and a Midi Dress

A really cute way to style your midi dress is with a long cardigan. The cardigan should be longer or the same length as your dress. If it’s shorter, it’ll look a little awkward and funny. Pair your midi dress with a long cardigan and a pair of boots. You can add tights, if you’d like, or go without since the cardigan will give you a little more coverage. Both ankle boots or taller boots will give you a cute fall feel too. So, don’t be afraid to try those out with this outfit.

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