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Baby oil – Benefits, Is baby oil bad for the skin? 98% mineral oil

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Baby oil

Baby oil is a world-famous product used to moisturize the delicate skin of babies.

It is a fragrant, mild-smelling mineral oil that can apply to any skin to hydrate it.

Everyone is familiar with baby oil, as even those who do not have children have used it at least once in their

Although it has been designed for children, its versatility and texture allow us to use it for different purposes
regarding the home or beauty.

Maybe some of you still don’t know about the alternative uses of this product.

Benefits of Baby Oil

1. Prevent stretch marks with Baby oil

  • During the last three months of pregnancy, the skin tends to stretch and cause annoying stretch marks later on.
  • To experience a feeling of quick relief, rub in a reasonable amount of baby oil and let the skin absorb it. Its daily use keeps the belly hydrated and reduces the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Thanks to baby oil, you will get a powerful super moisturizer that will help prevent the appearance of stretch marks and improve the texture of your bubble bath.

2. Remove chewing gum from the hair

  • It seems impossible for chewing gum to get into your hair.
  • However, when this happens, to avoid having to cut the whole strand, it is worth rubbing it with a generous amount of baby oil, letting it sit, and then removing the chewing gum.
  • This simple trick will make your hair soft and make it easier to remove the gum without resorting to extreme measures.

3. Remove the earwax

  • Cotton swabs are not recommended for removing excess earwax.
  • To make this task easier, apply a couple of drops of baby oil into the ear canal. Repeat the application for a few days until the ear wax has dissolved completely.

4. Door hinge lubricant

  • It will no longer be necessary to buy commercial lubricants to prevent door hinges from rubbing.
  • You can solve the problem by pouring a few drops of baby oil so that the hinges work perfectly again.

5. Moisturizing cream for nails

  • After your manicure, apply some of this oil to your cuticles and nails to hydrate them. Its properties will avoid sensitivity to nail polishes and dryness of the surrounding skin.

Is baby oil bad for the skin?

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  • Baby oil is so ubiquitous in a new life that most people don’t stop to think about what it is.
  • However, some claim baby oil is the most delicate body moisturizer around.
  • Others say it’s a dangerous product that you should steer clear of, a disturbing idea, as baby oil is meant for a baby’s tender skin; this alone makes the baby oil worth a second look.
  • Baby oil is practical and easily accessible; it lines the baby care aisles in most drug, ward, and grocery stores.
  • Go to a store that sells beauty products or household items, and you will likely find it. The ingredients of most baby oils on the market are 98% mineral oil and 2% fragrance.

What is mineral oil?

  • Mineral oil is an intensely purified liquid derived from petroleum. It is widely used in cosmetic products as it is known to moisturize and hydrate the skin.
  • But ‘mineral oil’ is also an anonymous term. More about it in an additional, but here’s what mineral oil does:
  • Mineral oil is an inert substance, which means it doesn’t change or react with other substances it comes in contact with.
  • It is noncomedogenic, which means it will not clog pores; instead, it sits on your skin and creates a barrier for your skin so you don’t lose moisture.
  • Once applied, it will soften and soothe the skin and help it retain moisture.

End effect

  • If you do a little google search, you can find page-by-page horror stories and scary information about mineral oil.
    Claims contain that mineral oil clogs pores, bases premature ageing, etc.
  • But you will also find many websites debunking such claims.
  • As with anything else on the Internet, all you need to do is make sure that you do your research to be aware of the current risk file you encounter.
  • If you do a little research online, you will find that often consumers who choose to use it are pleased with the use of it.
  • It has uses other than simple moisturizers: it can be used as a makeup remover to straighten hair, clean and soften makeup brushes, and soften cracked heels.
  • But at the end of the day, you need to consider whether it is best for you and whether you want to risk exposure to a possible carcinogen.

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