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What happens when you stop eating sugar? – Effects, Benefits of eliminating sugar

Stop Eating Sugar

What happens when you stop eating sugar is a query of excitement whose answer is that your teeth will love you for it.

Eliminating sugar is practically impossible because it is found in many processed foods, even low-fat (to
compensate for the reduction).

But it is also in fruit or a product of other foods’ metabolism, from bread to pasta.

The fact is that excess sugar tends to be addictive, promoting fat mass accumulation and overweight, raising blood sugar. As a result, sugar encourages the growth of diabetes and may increase the risk of Parkinson’s disease and insulin resistance.

Sugar intake should be constant – it is the body’s energy fuel – but when sugar-rich foods spike blood sugar, they
overload the pancreas and end up turning glucose into fat.

Effects of Less intake of Sugar

1. Less sugar, more protein

2. Less sugar, irritable mood (but with a good purpose)

3. Less sugar, lose weight (and bloating)

4. Less sugar, perfect sleep

All the benefits of eliminating sugar

What happens when you stop eating sugar after a month and after a year?

Sugar is considered the most legal and accessible drug in the world

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