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Vikramadithyan Malayalam Movie Download Moviesda

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Vikramadithyan Malayalam Movie

Vikramadithyan is a 2014 Indian Malayalam comedy-drama film co-produced and directed by Lal Jose. The film stars Unni Mukundan and Dulker Salman in the lead roles. Nivin Pauly made a cameo appearance in the movie. Written by Iqbal Kuttippuram with photography by Jomon T. John. The music was composed by Bijibal. The film was released on July 25, 2014.

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Details Of Vikramadithyan Malayalam Movie Download Moviesda

Directed by:       Lal Jose

Written by:         Dr. Iqbal Kuttippuram

Produced by:     Lal Jose, Mohan Nambiar

Starring:               Unni Mukundan, Dulquer Salmaan

Cinematography:  Jomon T. John

Edited by:            Ranjan Abraham

Music by:            Bijibal

Production companies: LJ Films, Multiplex Movies

Distributed by:  LJ Films

Release date:    July 25 2014

Language:           Malayalam

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Vikramadithyan Malayalam Movie Download Moviesda

vikramadithyan malayalam movie download moviesda

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More About the Vikramadithyan Malayalam Movie Download Moviesda

Kunjunni Menon, a clever thief, loves Lakshmi, a police officer. While he is chasing her, he finds out that she wants to marry a policeman. Vasudeva Shenoi, Lakshmi’s colleague, expresses her wish to marry her despite her mother’s objections. Kunjunni poses as a police officer and manages to marry Lakshmi before Shenoy can convince her mother. Shenoy later marries, and both couples have children on the same day.

Currently, Shenoy’s son Vikram has become SI and proposes to his childhood friend Deepika a week before joining. At the same time, Lakshmi’s son Adityan, who disappeared several years ago, returns to the city. The story then turns into a series of flashbacks. Lakshmi finds out that Kunjunni cheated on her, but they pretend to have an amicable marriage. However, young Adityan still considers his father to be a police officer. He and Vikram become rivals at school and begin competing against each other, betting that the loser should cheer for the winner, a habit they later carry into adulthood. Adityan always ends up losing.

One day, Shenoy and his crew caught Kunjunni red-handed while trying to rob and paraded half-naked down the street. A distraught Adityan and his friends are watching. Unable to face his son and scolded by Lakshmi, Kunjunni arrives at the bridge. The next day, Kunjunni was found dead under a bridge. Vikram grows up and becomes a young worker, while Adityan becomes quite lazy and gets involved in petty illegal activities to earn some money. Adityan and Deepika fall in love, while Deepika and Vikram remain close friends.

More Over

Once the duo receives their degrees, they apply for the SI selection test. However, the two share a healthy rivalry. Shenoy has a vicious attitude towards Adityan. Adityan beats Vikram in the preliminary round, which upsets Shenoy. However, Vikram acknowledges Adityan’s superior intelligence and respects his rival. Shenoy can catch Adityan on a drug case and is desperate to lock him up. He guards the evidence.

Lakshmi hides the interview note that Adityan was supposed to receive, and only Vikram’s name appears on the list for the final exam. But Adityan is saved when Vikram secretly exchanges the evidence for lactose powder and Adityan expresses his gratitude, showing that their respect is mutual. In one last attempt, Shenoy proves to Lakshmi that he is the one who exchanged the evidence and asks for a favour in return for her.

A heartbroken Adityan blames Lakshmi for Kunjunni’s death and claims that he could change it if she tried. That night, Adityan disappears. There is currently a small event at the police station celebrating Shenoy’s retirement and Vikram’s inauguration on the same day. New junior collector Lokesh unexpectedly joins in to wish the father-son duo among the distinguished guests. Lokesh then reveals that he and Adityan are friends, and the story cuts to one last flashback.

On the train to Delhi, Lokesh stops Adityan from committing suicide. They later became close friends and roommates. At Lokesh’s urging, Adityan prepares for the UPSC exams while doing odd jobs. They both take the exam together, and Lokesh further reveals that Adityan has become an IPS officer and is now the superior of ACP, Shenoy and Vikram. Shenoy was forced to admit defeat and greet Adityan. Satisfied with her revenge, she decides not to tell Vikram. Vikram manages to find out and publicly greets Adityan. The two hug and acknowledge their friendship. Vikram asks Adityan to accept Deepika and informs him that his next goal will be to catch up with Adityan.

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