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What You Can Do with Velcro Hacks

Velcro Hacks

Velcro Hacks – You’ve probably seen a hook-and-loop fastening system at some point. Yes, that is velcro, and it has been around for so long that you might be able to use one right now. However, you may wonder where you can put this fastening thing aside from the patches you typically see on military gear and uniforms. Is there more to a velcro patch than meets the eye? Technically, the answer is a lot. And this article will point out some practical things you can do if you want to buy velcro in bulk.


6 Ways to Use the Velcro Hacks

1. Display Photographs or Artwork

Using velcro allows your photographs and artwork to adhere to the wall properly. This hook-and-loop system has the most holding power for heavier frames. It is also easier to reposition and rehang. Using this is preferable to drilling holes in your walls because it may ruin them, especially if you have an excellent wall design on them. To achieve a good grip, however, you must ensure that the velcro is the strongest of all types.

2. Maintain the Rugs’ Position

It is extremely aggravating to see your rugs in a mass state in the first place. You can use velcro to stick it to the specific location to keep them in place. You can place the pin side of the velcro on the underside of the rug, and it will naturally grip some types of carpet fibres. Nobody wants to see an eyesore of rugs that aren’t in place because it could lead to an accident in the long run. Cleaning is also not a big issue here because the rug’s velcro fastening allows for easy removal and replacement.

3. Keep Cables in Place

Another use for velcro is to organize your gadgets and wires. Most people commonly use cable ties, especially if they want to avoid messy cables from their offices or homes. However, these cables are difficult to obtain when you want to remove them immediately from your appliances when reorganizing your belongings. Velcro is a much more practical solution to this blight. You can quickly unfasten items attached to this product and move them whenever possible. Furthermore, velcro is an excellent keeper of pens, tools, and other household items.

4. Fix Clothing and Bags

Apart from the famous custom velcro patch for identification or beautification, you can also use this fastening type to repair your bags and clothes. Velcro is an excellent material for repairing and adjusting clothing, pants, shorts, and even sleeve lengths. It also comes in diverse shades, allowing you to select the one that best matches your wardrobe. Furthermore, when repairing bags, you can use this item as a replacement closure for your purses and handbags. It is then easier to open and close your tote bags without bothering yourself with pulling the zipper if you are in a hurry.

5. Organize Your Kid’s Play Area

You can employ velcro to keep your children’s toys and other learning materials organized. You can also use this fastening to keep posters on the wall by placing them under the papers and sticking them to the wall. Furthermore, you can make an improvised toy holder with velcro as a closure so that you can easily take out and store the toys after playing. On the other hand, velcro is easier to use than other adhesives because it is child-friendly and more manageable to zipping than other materials.

6. Make A DIY Handmade Crafts

If you can make handcrafts, using velcro as your material for a DIY purse, bag, clothing, and other items is a good idea. This item is not expensive but also convenient and easier to use when making a good closure for your craft. You could start a good business if you make many products like wallets and purses.

The Bottomline

Using velcro in any way, as we demonstrated, demonstrates that nothing limits your ability to be creative to make your life easier. It is another helpful material that we hope you will find valuable.


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