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Can you send THC-O through the United States Postal Service?

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THC-O: Cannabis and its compounds have made us fall in love with it. Its benefits are incredible and unmatched, and it is great to see that this world is enjoying its efficacies. But the governmental authorities are working to establish its effects through clinical tests. As a result, buying THC O products by TRE House products gets difficult in various states. Due to the unstable legal status of the compound, postal services may hesitate to deliver it.

So, can we not deliver the product in the US? Will providing the compound lead to legal issues? Do not worry! We are here to clear all your dilemmas regarding United States postal services.

The legality status of THC-O in various states? And every other cannabis mail-related thing that you may want to know.

THC acetate is a natural extract of cannabis plants. This incredible herb provides comfort, but its price highly varies from one place to another. Do you want to send it to your friends so that they have it at reasonable rates? Whatever be the reason, the question remains the same. Can we use the postal services to deliver THC-O? Let us find the answer to it.


Let us Explore THC-O!

THC-O acetate is a derivative of cannabis Sativa or marijuana plants. It is among the 100+ naturally occurring compounds of the herb. The alkaloid was derived recently. And it is under the initial stages of its study. This statement might force you to think you have hardly consumed it. But the truth is different.

The compound remains in CBD in traces. It means all cannabidiol users were having THC-O from the start. Due to a lack of studies and research, we failed to predict its presence. Now the compound is well-known and consumed. And, the amount present naturally is not enough to meet the requirement. So, formulators are producing it in labs. From now onwards, it is a synthetic form of tetrahydrocannabinol. Its manufacturing involves using expensive equipment and a thorough understanding of chemistry. This beneficial compound is approximately three times stronger than delta-9-THC. Its usage demands caution and special care towards dosage.

This recreational compound has the same basic structure as delta-9, with an added acetate group. Its base structure resembles the naturally occurring cannabinoids, but the functional acetate group is different. Because of the extra portion of the molecule, it is far more potent than most THC forms. You may not believe it, but the process for producing it resembles the manufacturing processes of heroin. It involves taking a compound then adding an acetate group. It enhances its rate of absorption and strength.

Is it legal to send THC-O through the postal Service?

The United States Postal Service finally broke its silence on the topic. They have allowed the mailing of marijuana and hemp vape products, with some exceptions. The ban was enacted by Congress last year. They claimed it to be a part of a law concerning nicotine products. However, the final rule as per the Federal Register also applies to marijuana and hemp vapes, including those made from legal hemp.

More about THC-O

Despite its recent popularity, the American military began researching it decades ago. During the Edgewood Arsenal experiments between 1949 and 1975, they investigated the compound as a potential non-lethal incapacitating agent.

It was tested on dogs at the time to see if it was safe. They discovered that the cannabinoid had twice the capacity of delta-9-THC to cause ataxia in canines. The DEA realized it in 1978. A lab-based in Florida was producing THC-O illegally. However, because the drug did not enter the market, the government agency did not pursue further investigation. Until 2021, all of a sudden, it began to appear online and became available to American customers. Industrial hemp is the raw material for manufacturing THC-O. It involves a series of extractions.

After this, they prepare delta-8 from the extracted cannabidiol. Then, acetic anhydride, an extremely volatile compound that leads to the manufacturing of THC-O acetate, is added. When manufactured efficiently, its texture is like a thick brown liquid which coincides with motor oil. Refluxing in solid acid is an essential part of the process. When heated, flasks require a strong vacuum. It is a vital step, but it could lead to an explosion. THC-O production also liberates toxic peroxide into the atmosphere. Because it is explosive, a single spark could cause an explosion. Do not try to prepare this at home.

Legality status of THC-O

Marijuana laws in the United States keep on changing frequently. But Americans are exceedingly in favor of legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. While some people can use cannabis without harming themselves, others suffer from unfavorable effects.

There were many health risks associated with the consumption of cannabis. Also, it may lead to exploitation and overdosage. The government has to put some rules and regulations on its manufacturing. The authorities established several laboratories to check the cannabis product. Material regulation laboratories are now in place in twenty-nine states, with Regional medical laboratories in eight. Adult and adolescent perceptions of cannabis use as risky have declined since the early 2000s. At the same time, the prevalence of teenage cannabis use has remained stable.

Several nationally representative studies have found that laboratories have little effect on cannabis use among adolescents and adults. Adult cannabis use, disorders, and associated consequences, on the other hand, have increased. While data on the impact of medical laboratories is not yet available, they are likely to lower prices, increase availability, and thus increase cannabis use. More permissive marijuana laws may achieve social justice goals. While also generating tax revenue.

However, by increasing the population of users, such laws may exacerbate cannabis-related adverse health and psychosocial consequences. It is necessary to disseminate accurate information about the potential health risks of cannabis use.


Legality status of high-THC vapes

Cannabinoid vape manufacturers monitor how the Postal Service regulates vape commerce. According to Nielsen IQ, a market analytics firm, US consumers ordered $44 million in CBD vape cartridges online in 2020. They all went via mail. The new rule makes exceptions for consumer testing, public health, and non-commercial uses. Adults, for example, can make up to ten non-commercial shipments in 30 days.

Hemp and CBD products are not in the form of electronic delivery systems. We can mail if they contain less than 0.3 percent of THC. It is unclear how strict enforcement will be. However, the rule states that any banned products that get mailed will get seized. And senders will face criminal fines, imprisonment, and civil penalties.

Final words

THC-O is a synthetic, highly intoxicating cannabinoid with three times the potency of delta-9-THC. Manufacturers claim it to be legal, but it is possible to argue that it is federally prohibited. According to the farm bill, cannabis products that contain less than 0.3% of THC are legal. You can mail it through the postal Service of the United States. Always keep their guidelines in mind.

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