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Shag Cut – Who does it fit for? How to style the trending hairstyle?

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Shag Cut

Shag Cut, the cult haircut, emerged from oblivion and has now also landed on the catwalks.

The mullet of the 70s has been making a comeback in a modern design for quite a while.

The haircut stands characterized by entirely layered hair and is reminiscent of Nena, Goldie Hawn, and Mick Jagger’s famous hairstyles.

The steps are fringed and cut unevenly—they buy a long pony, usually in a scene with curtain bangs.

In contrast to the mullet, with the shag cut, you don’t overdo it with the steps; otherwise, it could come to the revival of the 70s and look a bit old-fashioned.

How do you wear the shag cut?

  • The shag cut can be adapted entirely to the individual hair length and hair structure.
  • Whether short, as a long bob or with long hair, curly, straight, or with a wavy mane – the shag cut is flexible.
  • The main thing is that it comes in a stepped, undone look and is therefore casual!
  • To do this, it doesn’t have to be stylishly styled: a little saltwater or textured spray defines the trend hairstyle.
  • Alternatively, the volumizing foam provides more bounce in damp hair.
  • You can conjure up some rock’n’roll spirit with the diffuser attachment while blow-drying.
  • And if you give a natural curl anyway, you score twice with the shag cut because the haircut doesn’t get wilder or fluffier.
  • If you have curly hair, make sure that the tips are thinned-out.

How do you wear the shag cut?

Who Does the Shag Cut Fit For?

Basically, the shag cut suits everyone and everyone! You should only keep your fingers off the shag cut if you have fine, straight hair.

We can correctly adjust the shag to the most varied of face shapes.

  1. Faces with high foreheads conceal them thanks to the shag cut with long curtain bangs
  2. The shag gently rounds off angular faces
  3. Smaller faces get the haircut an extra portion of wealth
  4. For the shag cut, round faces should have a central parting that visually stretches the face

How to style the trending hairstyle?

  • Due to its distinctive undone look, the shag does not require too much styling effort in everyday life.
  • You only need a little help if your hair naturally lacks volume or if you want to freshen it up a bit on the second day.
  • Use a texturizing spray or a sea salt spray that you knead into your hair upside down.
  • Alternatively, it can help to work such a product or volume foam into towel-dried hair.
  • A diffuser attachment should be used with naturally curled and wavy hair when blow-drying to give the shag a natural-looking volume.

How to wear the trend hairstyle in 2019 and 2020

  • In 2019 the shag celebrated its comeback on the runways and shows.
  • The hairstyle is suitable for every hair length and structure.
  • Because in addition to shoulder-length hair or hair in a bob, long bob, or with long hair, women (or men!) With chin-length hair or even the short pixie cut can join in a shag.
  • The existing length is only supplemented by a minimal step layer and cut in the sizes more frayed and imperfect.
  • In splendid hair, you should make sure that the hairstyle cuts fewer steps accordingly and that the hair gets optically more volume with the cut.


Shag with curly hair

  • If you have curls, you should make sure that the tips are thinned out well so that the entire volume does not collect there.
  • So that the hair looks evenly, cut enough levels and different layers.

Smooth Hair

  • With straight hair, it is essential not to have too many layers cut. The lack of movement in the hair means that the layers can quickly look unsuccessful.
  • Better to use a few levels and fringed tips. It gives the hair more volume.

Shag with short hair

  • The fuzzy cut also works with short hair. Put on many layers and fringed tips. It is best to graduate from front to back.
  • Let short strands hang lightly over the face so that it frames nicely.

Long Wavy Hair

  • If you don’t dare to have a bob or short hair, try the shaggy cut on long hair. They can also handle a few more
    steps to take the heaviness out of the lengths.
  • With a fringed pony, the focus is also directed to the face.

Shag hairstyle – the style of Rock Stars

Long famous, but always different. The shag hairstyle never seems to go out of style.

On the contrary, it is becoming increasingly popular. But what’s your secret? And how is it styled?

The shag hairstyle was never gone

  • At the end of the 60s, it became more and more fashionable; in the 70s, it was the style of rock stars: the shag hairstyle.
  • The young rebels wore the tiered cut, let the guitars howl, and took the female fans’ hearts by storm.

Wild and sexy – the shag hairstyle

  • The secret to the success of the shag hairstyle? On the one hand, it is rough and daring, unadjusted and rocky.
  • On the other hand, it is easy to care for and even suitable for thin hair.
  • Also, prominent wearers give them a timelessly trendy image. The shag hairstyle is just right for anyone with a mind of their own.

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