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Know About Sema Thimiru Movie Download Isaimini

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Sema Thimiru Movie Download Isaimini – Sema Timiro is the Tamil version of the currencies of three newly launched languages, also released in Telugu and Kannada. The film came to theatres on Friday, February 19, 2021, and also written, and also written to Nanda Kishor, while B. K. Gangadhar has a banner bankroll of Sri Yagadguur films. Read together and discover the thriller of action by acting here.

Details of  Sema Thimiru Movie Download Isaimini

Actor: Dubey Saria (தரரரவவ)

Actress: Rashmika Mandan

Other actors: Sampte Pavitra Locosh Ravishankar

Director: Nanda Kishor Manufacturer: B.K Gangadhar, Shivarjun Music: Shundty Chandan Cinematography: Vijay Milton Story – Arun Balaji

Tamil Nadu Teatrical launch of t.muruganandham – Rockfort Entertainment

International fame of builders and actors.

1) Kai Green – Mr Olympia Runner Up, Arnold Classic Ganner by USA

2) Morgan Ashe, also known as Big Rock and IFBB Pro Athlete and Arnold Classic winner of France

3) John Lucas – International Bodybuilder, Fitness Fitness Professor of South Africa

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Role of the Actors in Sema Thimiru Movie Download Isaimini


Dhruva Saria plays Shiva’s role in Sema Timir’s film. The actor made his debut in the movie Addhuri in 2012. He received the Siima Award, the Suvarian Award and the Reward of the film Udya for the best debutant for his performance. Then, after that, he appeared in 2014, director of Chetan Kumar Bahaddur, the co-main role of Radhika Pandit. The film was a commercial success. He also saw in Ketan Kumara, directed by the movie Bharjari.


Mandana plays the woman in a good thriller. The actor continued to become one of the most paid and defendant women’s actors in the film industry in South India. He often goes to recovery incarnation, is that one of the few has a movie that is in a film more than a billion in such a short place. Its most popular films include Kirik-Party, Alien Putra, Hamaki, Salo, Gaeta Govindam, Yazhan, Sariller, Nevwaru and Bhushem.

Sema Thimiru Movie Review

Sema Thimiru Movie Download Isaimini

The Tamil version entitled of the Kannada Starrer Pogaru has a Prince Ensemble of Druby Saria, a beloved mass, Rashmika Mandana, in support of Raghavender Raykumara, P Ravi Shankar, Sadhu Kokila, Kotteri Prathap and others.

Rockfort entertainment release promotional press raised the expected face. Throughout justice, honest efforts are watches, pass miles to enjoy.

Do not rush to do anything, and in all three films for seven years of Aeadhuri’s debut, Dhruva exudes enough charm to stage, which would be right on the street of Shankara Director Zhazyan.

The debutante Nandakishor, for the Tamil audience, weave the characters charged by a huge short of actions to make his call for a moment to appreciate and look at. To the loan of him, the director gives the same importance even in the strip, which was a distinctive feature of Shankara’s signs.

Young people who accept cudgel for the middle-class segment regularly grant enough food for the device to unleash the splash of action. It may be better reserved in the AWE-RIKEN climax, where a four-year international building in the combination body enters the battery of a loaded load on the soft of the high octanes, for the younger audience, this vacation and the dessert of the perfect proposal that does not hold its blows.

The rap composer Chandan Shetty also knows the audience’s pulse, his number of Carrahu, designed by many eyeballs. The thrust was on overwriting, which does not have a respite for the audience. You can not afford to jump and blink.

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The well-punished history, the dialogues of the Thisthostor decent, the sequences of actions, and the songs impressed motivate the director to push his limits. The film revolves around Shiva, rude, which receives support from people when she fights against the injustice that the problem of the general person.

On the back of the side, the duration can be an obstacle for a hearing set, and the script will better improve the masses that love commercial potboilers. After the songs and promotional promotion, Tamil Audiences looking at this film for Rashmika Mandanna can feel a bit disappointed with his shorter time on the screen in the first half. There are not many romantic portions compared to his previous titles in Tamil movies.

Dhruva, during his interaction of him with the media, revealed that a difficult task was produced for him and gaining weight instantly. With the corporate name Vijay Milton as a director of photography and the insight, Mahesh, Dhruva obtained the best delivery of houses.

Well, it can be the perfect gift in the memory of the older brother Dgrav.

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