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Industrial Piercing – Pain level, Tips for healing, Side effects, Jewelry

Industrial Piercing – Pain level, Tips for healing, Side effects, Jewelry

What is an industrial piercing?

Industrial piercing is a jewel in the shape of a rod that runs through the upper part of the ear’s cartilage.

The name may sound incredible, but you’ve probably seen an industrial piercing before.

It is similar in this to the helix piercing since it is in this part that the holes are drilled.

However, not everyone can qualify for an industrial piercing.

Indeed, the top of the ear must be sufficiently curved to correctly allow the piercing passage from one side to the other.

A piercing is often the result of a long period of reflection before taking action.

Many questions may arise during this preparation time, especially concerning pain and daily maintenance of the future piercing.

Industrial piercing has become increasingly popular in recent years, and piercers now know it perfectly.

We explain what it is, and we give you some tips to prepare for your industrial piercing.

What will be the pain level of an industrial piercing?

Pain comes in two forms :

Pain during healing may be more severe if :

What factors can influence the pain of the ear-piercing?

Some tips for healing and maintenance

Side effects of industrial piercing

1. Irritation

2. Rejection

3. Infection

4. Keloid

What jewelry materials are used for industrial piercing?

1. Surgical Steel

2. Titanium

3. Gold

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