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Four Previous Prescription Medications that Caused Damage

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Health Care

Prescription Medications save countless lives every year, and help millions of others to remain comfortable despite afflictions like asthma or acid reflux. Without the miracle of modern medicine, our lives would be unimaginably more restrictive and less healthy than they are currently.

Unfortunately, there are still moments when medicine can cause unintended, or criminally overlooked side effects and consequences. There are frequent lawsuits brought against manufacturers to protect the health and wealth of those victimized by these rare but unjust practices. Knowing the history of your prescription medications will allow you to stay more on top of your personal health, and give you a heads-up if any drug you’re taking has been found to have negative consequences. By knowing this information, you can respond quickly if you discover that you or a loved one have been harmed by the effects of a prescription medication. To help you discover if you might need a warning about a medication you’re on or considering, here are four previous prescription medications that caused damage to those that were prescribed them:

1. Prilosec

Antacids are a frequent part of many people’s lives, as they treat a wide range of inflictions and conditions. However, not all of them have led to positive consequences for those seeking relief. Prilosec was found to not be manufacturing medications in a safe, industry-approved fashion. Those on Prilosec began to find themselves diagnosed with gastrointestinal and other types of cancer at an alarming rate that put the drug in the spotlight. When dealing with a drug manufacturer that may have harmed you or someone you love, knowing that you have the right to strong, passionate legal representation against the manufacturer. There are other victims out there that are doing the same, so joining their efforts in holding rogue or irresponsible manufacturers responsible is incredibly important.

2. Zantac

It was only as recently as 2020 that the FDA pulled Zantac from the shelves due to the negative health consequences of the medication. The commonly prescribed drug, that combines antacid and heartburn medications with an antihistamine could be received in either over-the-counter or prescription-strength dosage. Unfortunately, the high prescription rate of the drug led to lawsuits after it was discovered Zantac was ignoring side effects from the drug that were leading to deadly forms of cancer. The Zantac and Ranitidine lawsuit cases that have been filed over the last few years are essential to giving the victims of these drugs a chance to gain the restitution they deserve. If you have any suspicions that you’re entitled to join these suits, you need to act now.

3. Xarelto

Known for its widespread use as a blood thinner and anticoagulant that was given to combat strokes, embolisms, and other such afflictions – and was specifically designed to help those dealing with pulmonary embolisms, deep vein thrombosis, and atrial fibrillation. The drug quickly became notorious for causing excessive bleeding in patients at a large, undeniably consistent rate. Lawsuits aimed at Xarelto are still ongoing, making them another drug you should know the negative history about, especially if you or someone you love has been harmed by this medication. The first step of reaching out can feel nerve-wracking, but you deserve a fair restitution if you’re ever been harmed by a drug that was prescribed to you, so being confident in your pursuit of justice is crucial.

4. Pradaxa

Similar to Xarelto, Pradaxa caused intense bleeding and other dangerous side effects in those that were prescribed it. There are many side effects of note that were experienced by those harmed by Pradaxa, including heavy menstruation, blood clots, brown urine, blood-laced vomiting episodes, gum-issues, and more. Pradaxa has not yet been banned by the FDA on the marketplace, and lawsuits are still actively being fought and formed against the manufacturer of Pradaxa. As lawsuits develop against unsafe drug manufacturers, the support and organizations you have to assist you in winning a case grows tremendously as well. By joining the effort, you are helping other people like you to get the fair representation and restitution that they lawfully deserve.

Knowing Your Rights

Understanding the rights you have regarding these unfortunate, sometimes-criminal issues that arise around prescription drugs is essential. Doing so will protect you from being exploited or unfairly compensated during any time where a prescription drug has had negative, lasting side effects. There are a wide number of groups and legal organizations that can get you the help you need, so searching them out is key. Holding manufacturers accountable and keeping yourself as healthy as possible is crucial.