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Find the Right Wig for the Shape of your Face

Wig - Here’s the truth about face shapes: almost nobody is a perfect heart, circle, oval, or any other narrowly defined category.

Wig – Here’s the truth about face shapes: almost nobody is a perfect heart, circle, oval, or any other narrowly defined category. Most faces are a combination of a few different shapes: rounded chins and tall foreheads, angular features, and tapered jaws.

All our faces are unique and perfect for us. They show our personalities in the shape of our eyes, our mouths our brows, and our chins. Of course, our hairstyles are used to suit and enhance our features.

Having the right hairstyle for the shape of your face is important, it accentuates the features of your face that you would like to stand out and distract from facial features you would like minimal focus on.

Wigs have become a fashion feature as most of our favorite celebrities have shown on television, movies, and the red carpet. Kylie Jenner has shown us the versatility of wearing wigs, sometimes sporting a fun wig and at others a sleeker more elegant look,highly recommend wig from Unice if you need advice.


Beautiful Beyoncé – Beyoncé is famously referred to as “The Queen of Wigs”. This gorgeous lady has style and fashion sense and is not afraid to show it! In a secret “reveal” Beyoncé’s hairstylist alluded to the fact that this bombshell changes her hair style and color every three weeks. This superstar lady loves blonde wigs and likes to rock curls at times and at others she opts for a sleek or wavy wig. Although a natural beauty, these wigs make this multi-platinum singer unforgettable!

Wearing a wig is a perfect solution as a wig has so many benefits. In fact, if you are a fun-loving playful extrovert person you can have a wig for every occasion. The office wig, the lunch-out wig, the dinner and romance wig and the all-night clubbing fun wig!

Choosing a wig with the right hair style and color will compliment your facial features and accentuate your natural beauty! The right hairstyle will enhance your self-confidence and make you feel empowered. The bottom line is, if your hair looks great you feel you can achieve anything you want in the world!

This is our area of expertise, and we will give you some basic tips on how to go about choosing the unique and perfect wig for the unique you!

The most important factor is knowing the shape of your face. Your face shape determines which of the many styles and shades to choose from. When faced with so many beautiful wigs, this can be a daunting task!

First, you will need to determine your face shape – Here are some hints!

Oval shaped faces are the easiest to style as the shape is typically proportionate. An oval shaped face is longer than it is wide so bear that in mind when selecting a style. Wig with bangs that give volume to the sides of your face may be the best choice,there are many bang wigs here online.

There are two styles that should be avoided. A style that adds too much volume to the top of the head and a style that has heavy or blunt bangs. Beyoncé has a stunning oval face and prefers long wavy wigs that can be styled perfectly for the day or evening.

A striking jawline is the envy of many who wish to have a strong, square shaped face. This beautiful angular feature can be accentuated or minimized depending on your personal choice. Naturally wider cheekbones can often add more “squareness” to the face. To soften the angles, you may try a wig style that has longer layers and a wispy side swept fringe.

Curly and wavy hairstyles suit a square face the best as it softens and flatters the strong lines of the angular features. Go for a style with fullness and volume to get that super star glam look!

A round face shape is beautiful and full and tends to be the same length and width in a softly rounded feminine way. Round face shapes often have fuller cheeks which can be an excellent feature as it gives a permanent youthful appearance, and youthful hairstyles make you look vibrant at any age.

Face framing layered hairstyles in a longer length or the classic bob enhances the features of a round shaped face. Wig styles that create the illusion of height at the crown gives a rounded face a perfect balance that elongates a round face into the sought-after oval.

Heart shaped faces are accentuated with looser, softer hair styles. Layered wavy hair shows off your delicate facial features. Avoid blunt fringes and go for that wispy side swept style. This face type looks perfect and sweet with a short pixie style.

Beautiful heart shaped faces are typically wider at the top with a narrow jawline and a slightly pointed chin. Hairstyles that create the illusion of balance with more hair around the jawline can create a balanced look. A short pixie style or longer wispy layered styles are both perfect for a delicate, softly feminine look.

Longer faces are referred to as oblong, as they are long and narrow with a more defined rectangular shape, rather than rounded edges of an oval face.

When choosing the perfect wig style for this shaped face look at hairstyles that create the illusion of widening the face. Curls naturally create a fuller faced look, but if curly locks are not your style, try a shoulder length layered cut. Of course, the go to hairstyle for this naturally beautiful face shape is long hair that can be styled into voluminous layers at the jawline. A fuller fringe also serves to shorten the length of a long face.

Our styles of wigs with beautiful bangs will balance your natural features and give you that glamourous look we all admire!

Finally…Embrace the beautiful natural shape of your face!

The perfect wig with perfectly styled hair will let you embrace your personal style, explore your individuality, and give you the opportunity to be creative and become a beautiful new you!

The unique person that you are, who can now have perfectly styled hair in a minute, can enjoy a whole new world of opportunities that await. Go out there with confidence and have fun. Remember, a life with stunning hair as the cherry on the cake, is a life to be lived to the fullest extent! Never again will you have a proverbial “bad hair day”.

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