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Eyebrow shapes – How to find the correct shape of the eyebrows?

Eyebrow shapes

The eyebrow shapes can change the whole face, and make you look even younger!

Eyebrows are the frame of the face – and can significantly influence the overall look of the face.

The wrong shape can quickly make you look older than you are, while the right shape can significantly rejuvenate you.

With us, you can read how you can best shape your eyebrows to get the best result.

Pretty much every woman who has significantly changed her eyebrows’ shape with the help of makeup for the first time is amazed at the effect of this simple step.

The color, length, thickness, and curve of the eyebrows directly impact how the entire face looks.

They not only counterbalance the eyes but also function as a frame for the face.

The perfect shape of the eyebrows depends on the profile of the face.

Leave the design to a professional or use a template (available in selected drugstores) if you want to be on the safe side.

Which Eyebrow shapes to choose based on the shape of the face?

How to find the correct shape of the eyebrows?

Types of Eyebrow shapes

1. Curved eyebrows

2. Arched eyebrows

3. Softly arched eyebrows

4. Raised eyebrows

5. Straight eyebrows

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