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Eyebrow shapes – How to find the correct shape of the eyebrows?

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Eyebrow shapes

The eyebrow shapes can change the whole face, and make you look even younger!

Eyebrows are the frame of the face – and can significantly influence the overall look of the face.

The wrong shape can quickly make you look older than you are, while the right shape can significantly rejuvenate you.

With us, you can read how you can best shape your eyebrows to get the best result.

Pretty much every woman who has significantly changed her eyebrows’ shape with the help of makeup for the first time is amazed at the effect of this simple step.

The color, length, thickness, and curve of the eyebrows directly impact how the entire face looks.

They not only counterbalance the eyes but also function as a frame for the face.

The perfect shape of the eyebrows depends on the profile of the face.

Leave the design to a professional or use a template (available in selected drugstores) if you want to be on the safe side.

Which Eyebrow shapes to choose based on the shape of the face?

  • The best way to select eyebrows 2020 that allows you to communicate perfectly is to find the correct form to enhance the look.
  • Those with square and rather marked features, for example, should prefer a rounded and defined brow arch.
  • On the contrary, it is good to choose well-marked lines for an oval or round face, characterized by a soft curve that tapers towards the tip.
  • As for triangular faces, the right choice is to keep the arch homogeneous without too sharp corners.
  • What Eyebrow shape looks good on everyone? With gull wings, in which the final part must be straight and gradually tapering off.

How to find the correct shape of the eyebrows?

  • It starts from the single eyebrow’s starting point, which is generally parallel to the line of the bridge of the
  • To understand the right moment, draw an oblique line that starts from the nose’s nostril and passes through the corner of the eye, touching the eyebrow.
  • The next step is to calculate the highest point of the brow-bone.
  • Take a pencil or brush and, looking straight in the mirror, place it in front of the outside of the iris.
  • To find where your eyebrow ends, place one end of the pencil along with your nose and the other on your temple.
  • The intersection point will help you figure out where the eyebrow should end (it will be beneficial when you need to do your makeup later).
  • Once you have drawn these points, you will clarify the shape and where you will need to fill or thin eventually.

Types of Eyebrow shapes

  • The categorizations are not the strong point of beauty. On the contrary, try to enhance each of us for each of its characteristics.
  • However, for convenience, it is advisable to identify a series of categories that allow each to understand and finally be able to have – perfect eyebrows.

1. Curved eyebrows

  • Unlike the previous ones, the curved eyebrows do not develop in length, but it is as if they smoothly cross the browbone.
  • Thanks to the total lack of sharp edges in their line and the sweetness deriving from it.
  • They are particularly suitable for those who have marked facial features (for example, with a pronounced jaw)
  • The very elegant Angelina Jolie, despite her prominent cheekbones, acquires sweetness in her eyes and sensuality in her eyes thanks to this particular shape of eyebrows.

Curved eyebrows

2. Arched eyebrows

  • This type of eyebrow has an S-shape. They go downwards and then rise at a sharp angle and then fall back downwards.
  • They are recommended to focus on the cheeks and for those who wish to enhance small cheekbones.

Arched eyebrows

3. Softly arched eyebrows

  • They create a defined arc but with a soft curve, and are the most natural-looking ones.
  • They are best for those with a heart-shaped face with a slightly pointed chin and cheekbones in evidence or a diamond face shape.

4. Raised eyebrows

  • Unlike the previous categories that concern the shape, this one refers to combing the eyebrows upwards.
  • Although the effect may appear to be of little care, it is far from that in reality.
  • If you decide to use this modern style, you will immediately get a natural, clean and young effect that will allow you to look even younger.
  • Many stars have decided to keep their eyebrows “as mum did” or particularly thick and combed up: the result was a success!

5. Straight eyebrows

  • The straight eyebrows are the one that Audrey Hepburn iconically embodies: as the excellent Hollywood star teaches.
  • In this case, the arch is just in favor instead of a development in length towards the temple.
  • For this purpose, they are particularly suitable for all those who have an elongated face and who want to divert attention from the high forehead.
  • It is also suitable for those who pronounced chin to emphasize the eyes, on the contrary.

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