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Best curly hair products – Homemade Treatments, Top products

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Best curly hair products include specific cleansing and styling products designed to give curly hair a healthy, voluminous, and glamorous appearance.

The curly hair is great, but often it isn’t easy to care for properly. Lack of proper care makes curls dull.

Type 3 hair is curly hair. If you pull a strand from a type 3 hedgehog, you will notice that it has an S shape.

Of course, the S can be a lowercase S or a capital S, or it can even look like a Z on some occasions.

There is a defined loop pattern with our products. This hair type is full-bodied, weather-dependent (humidity = frizzy), and prone to damage.

Curly Hair Treatments

  • To have beautiful silky and bouncy curls, you need to take care of your curly hair. For this, nothing better than products specially designed for them.
  • In this case, curly hair should be particularly nourished and hydrated as it is scorched by nature.
  • Dependent on the type of hair (thick, average, or fine), you will still have to choose products that are more or less rich in water or fat.
  • In any case, the undisputed protagonists of curly hair care are none other than vegetable oils.
  • At Garnier, Christophe Robin, René Furterer, or even Rituals, it is impossible to miss it.
  • They nourish the hair deeply, providing them with the fatty acids and vitamins they need.
  • Therefore, we prefer products based on avocado, linseed, argan, or grapeseed oil to redesign the curls and keep them healthy.

Curly Hair Treatments

How to do a homemade curly hair treatment

  • To draw your curls, you can also choose to prepare a homemade treatment. The recipes are effortless and 100% natural.
  • Here is a homemade mask recipe, ideal for curly hair:

Nourishing mask recipe for curly and thick hair

The thick hair will need more nutrition. So, we (really) put everything on vegetable oils.

  1. Crush an avocado
  2. Mix it with two tablespoons of vegetable oil of your choice
  3. Have you apply to do for lengths and ends.
  4. Leave on overnight and rinse with a mild shampoo the next morning.

Naturally Moisturizing Mousse for curly hair

  • The Naturally Moisturizing Mousse with Geranium and Fennel is a medium hold no-spray vegetable mousse recommended for wavy and curly hair.
  • Maintaining the hair’s hydration for a long time, superbly controlling its shape is the strength of this
    MOISTURIZING Mousse for a feeling of lightness and control that lasts over time.

100% Natural essential ingredients

  1. Fennel: Revitalizes the hair
  2. Geranium: Slows down the aging process, restructuring.
  3. Ensures contain Synthetic Fragrances, Preservatives, Parabens, goddesses, and Added Formaldehyde.
    Plant extracts.

How to use?

  • After having cleansed your hair, dab well remove excess water. Shake the MOUSSE MOUSSE and distribute it carefully over the entire length.
  • 2/3 doses are ideal for medium-long hair; for shorter hair, reduce the quantity.
  • A pleasant aroma accompanies this product, thanks to the essential oils contained within.

Top products for curly hair

L’ Oréal extraordinary oil for very dry or frizzy hair

  • This beauty oil will embellish the hair material and nourish it and make it easier to comb.
  • It is composed of 6 rare flower oils, a delight for the senses thanks to its intoxicating fragrance.
  • It is now available in a formulation for very dry or curly hair, good news as winter approaches.

It’s plus:

  • Different possibilities of use (daily care, pre-brushing, finishing, the choice is yours).

L' Oréal extraordinary oil for very dry or frizzy hair

Nourishing with Shea Butter and Avocado Oil from Garnier

  • This winter, adopt a new ritual in the shower with Garnier shampoo, specially designed for very dry or curly hair.
  • Its composition with avocado oil and shea butter helps in softening and nutritional properties.
  • Your hair is nourished and untangled, a must-try for well-defined curls.

It’s plus:

  • It Composes of Natural extracts; this shampoo gently cleanses the hair.

Kérastase Oléo Curl leave-in treatment for curly hair

  • Kerastase leave-in treatment is a boon for curly hair.
  • Indeed, it highlights a new hair technology, that of pro-Keratin and Elastin’s association, which considerably strengthens the hair.
  • This treatment is to be applied to wet and clean hair, and you should not rinse them. Thus it rids curly hair of unwanted frizz.

It’s plus:

  • Professional care for salon results. Your hairdresser will tell you everything!

Nutri repairman after shampoo Vichy

  • Vichy brand has also released a range for hair and surprises us with an after shampoo Nutri-repairer to Action 2 in 1 nutritious and refreshing.
  • It reconstitutes the hair cement and detangles the hair without weighing it down. Perfectly suited to curly hair.

It’s plus:

  • However, for the most sensitive, it is a respectful formula without parabens or silicone and hypoallergenic.

Maternatura ECOBIORGANIC Orange Blossom Hair Curling Cream

  • Maternatura Orange Blossom Hair Curling Cream ECOBIORGANIC is a leave-in cream specific to make wavy hair curly or to intensify the natural curl.
  • It gives support and defines curls without weighing them down and greasing them.
  • It provides an elasticizing effect on rings without stiffening them.
  • And also, It resists humidity and has an anti-frizz action.

Main ingredients

  1. Mimosa waxes, sunflower waxes, photoprotein, and plant-derived polymer create the perfect synergy to shape and fix curls.
  2. Aloe extract, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and Lawsonia extract provide a great hydration and nutrition amount.
  3. Curly hair is defined, curls are bright, dynamic, and vital.

How to use?

  • After washing your hair, distribute the desired cream between your hands and rub the curls (scrunch) still damp in the palm of your hands from the bottom towards the roots.
  • And also, dry with a diffuser to not alter the definition of the curls. For a final touch, you can also apply it to dry strands.