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7 Benefits of Adding Chlorophyll Drops in Your Beverages

Chlorophyll Drops

Chlorophyll Drops – There can’t be a herbal supplement that has several benefits at once, can they? The contrary is actually the case. Herbs naturally are not only effective in one area but also in many others. That’s why Mother Nature likes to provide us with so many options. Synthetic supplements, on the other hand, usually only have one purpose and one effect. Let’s have a closer look at chlorophyll benefits.

What is Chlorophyll?

You may have already heard that chlorophyll is contained in all sorts of plants. It’s the green pigment that turns plants green and turns UV rays from sunlight into energy for plants to live. Remember, plants don’t eat like humans – only flesh eating plants do and even those are green.

In its natural form it’s quite unstable. This means, if you’re eating lots of green veggies high in chlorophyll (e.g. broccoli, kale, algae, watercress and spinach) you’re not getting much of the chlorophyll benefits. It breaks down once harvested and is later destroyed when you’re cooking those green vegetables. As a semi-synthetic version it’s extracted from green plants and stabilised with copper salts. That makes it more stable over a longer period of time and it’s water-soluble. You can simply add a few drops to a glass of water and get all the chlorophyll benefits in precious go.

  1. Better Skin

We all want flawless skin, but yet some suffer badly from acne and enlarged pores. There have been studies that can support the idea of chlorophyll benefits for your skin. If you applied it topically on acne or buildups, mild to moderate states can be treated with chlorophyll. There’s a study from 2015 which can prove it. Of course, if you were taking chlorophyll drops, you can help your skin from the inside, too.

But this isn’t enough. The main problem for many remains wrinkles. Unfortunately, they will turn up eventually as you get older when your skin loses its elasticity. Another preliminary study seems to confirm that chlorophyll benefits your skin to reduce mild to moderate wrinkles.

  1. Supports Wound Healing

There were already studies in the 1940s and 1950s to check if and how chlorophyll benefits wound healing. With its antibacterial properties, it’d be logical if it was the case. Lo and behold, the studies proved bacteria growth was kept to a minimum and wounds could heal faster. It’s usually bacteria that cause inflammation of wounds which make it harder to heal. It’s already been added to prescription ointments for wound healing. Just like with your skin, you can help your body from the inside to heal faster and better.

  1. It Neutralises Odours

Who would say no to some delicious garlic bread or an onion soup? You probably won’t, but you’ll have to live with the fact that you’re going to be a bit smelly the next day. It was already noticed decades ago in the 1940s that chlorophyll works like an internal deodorant. If it’s a bit of a bad breath due to garlic or even coffee and cigarettes and sweat, it will be less smelly. Maybe your friends are going to ask you which deodorant you’re taking or which mouthwash if you take chlorophyll for benefits.

  1. More Red Blood Cells for You

A higher production of red blood cells can potentially help with anaemia. That one is still due to be researched further. For the time being, it’s been observed that the red blood cell count rises if you’re drinking 100 ml of wheatgrass a day. That particular study focused on getting patients with a blood disorder ready for a transfusion. Wheatgrass contains a lot of chlorophyll and hence a correlation was made.

  1. Chlorophyll Benefits Weight Loss

There actually are two studies which appear to prove that chlorophyll can help you to lose weight. One study had its attendants take chlorophyll and it was observed how they felt fuller at an earlier stage when they had meals rich in carbohydrates. The participants also felt less hungry which can help a lot when you’re trying to lose weight.

In another study it was found that participants who took chlorophyll lost more weight than those who received a placebo. Unfortunately, the BMI as well as the body fat percentage remained the same among all participants. However, it’s already a good sign that you can lose more weight with chlorophyll benefits. Certainly, the BMI and body fat would tag along eventually.

  1. Perfect Detox

Everyone seems to talk about detoxifying these days and they’re not wrong. Toxins are all around us and we can almost not help it. Technically, our bodies detox all the time and they’re quite good at it. But when it gets too much, the body cannot detox from toxins anymore effectively. As a result, you fall ill. You may not even realise that your body is overwhelmed with toxins until you actually do get ill. A first sign of too many toxins is permanent fatigue or catching colds frequently.

Chlorophyll benefits your biotransformation enzymes in your liver to detox better. As an addition, chlorophyll can bind to heavy metals which makes it easier to flush them out.

  1. Cancer Prevention for chlorophyll drops

Cancer appears to be on the rise and everyone knows someone who got cancer. With heart diseases, cancer is the number one illness of all people. The thing with cancer is that there always are cancerous cells in our bodies. Our body can take good care of them, but eventually it may not be able to fight it anymore.

There have been several studies that support the idea of chlorophyll preventing cancer. An older study from 1994 observed how chlorophyll benefits a degradation of cancer cells. Later on in 2013 researchers found chlorophyll to reduce bioavailability in carcinogens. A very promising study of 2018 demonstrated its effectiveness at reducing pancreatic cancer cells.

Final Thoughts

You can get all those chlorophyll benefits and do something really good to your body with one simple supplement. Which other offers you that many promising advantages?

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