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Carbomers– What is it used for? Side-effects, Benefits of carbomers for the skin



Carbomers are white, fluffy powders, but they are widely used as a gel in cosmetics and personal care products.

It is a term used for several polymers composed primarily of acrylic acid.

Carbomers are found in various product types, including skin, hair, nail, makeup products, and toothpaste.

Furthermore, the chemical formula of the carbomer: C3H4O2

What is Carbomer used for?

Carbomer side effects

The best products with carbomers

1. Soothing Gel 95 from Varuza Aloe Vera

2. Cetaphil SPF 15 daily moisturizer for the face

3. Any Coconut & Lemon Natural hand sanitiser

4. Optrex Night Repair Gel Eye Drops for Dry, Tired and Irritated Eyes

5. Artelac – Bausch + Lomb * night eye gel

Benefits of carbomers for the skin

1. Thicken or even out the texture of products

2. Prevents separation in products

3. Improve product consistency

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