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5 Benefits Of Brazilian Butt Lifts  

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Brazilian Butt Lifts – Celebrities worldwide have started the trend of having round, beautifully-sculpted buttocks that significantly enhance one’s figure. Many of them openly talk about getting in shape through a surgical procedure called Brazilian butt lift, abbreviated as BBL. This procedure grew popular not only for the natural-looking results but also because it’s widely known to be safe and effective. Moreover, it’s an excellent way for those looking to remove excess body fat to have their body contoured and enhanced.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of Brazilian butt lifts, here are some examples:

Enhance Body Proportion

Many people opt for a Brazilian butt enhancement surgery to augment their body proportion. For instance, curvy and top-heavy people would want to achieve balance in their proportions by having a fuller backside. Meanwhile, the BBL look also goes well for women who want to trim down excess fat on other portions of their bodies and use it to beautify their hind end. As a result, patients can achieve an hourglass figure that suits their specific body types.

Remove Excess Fat In Other Body Parts

To create a rounder backside, your surgeon will use a combination of liposuction and fat injection procedures to transfer fat from one area to the other. With a Brazilian butt lift, the fat will be taken from specific areas, such as the thighs, hips, love handles, and stomach.

Through BBL, patients can have a fuller, firmer, and smoother bottom using excess fat from various body parts. These body parts are commonly referred to as ‘problem areas’ that usually accumulate excess fat and cause a person’s figure disproportion. After this surgical procedure, the patient can successfully trim down these areas and use the fat to augment the butt region.

Safe Procedure

Since BBL is primarily done with injections, the possible health risks, if at all, are limited. The result is buttocks with a shape and firmness comparable to a natural one. Since the procedure doesn’t involve incisions and stitches, there’s also no risk of ruptures. Moreover, no foreign objects will be inserted into the body since the fat injected into the buttocks will come from your own body. For this reason, the risk of rejection or infection is significantly reduced.

Brazilian butt lift surgery typically takes around three to four hours to complete, and another hour or so will be used for administering anesthesia and preparing the patient for release. After the surgery, the patient will require close supervision at home or in the facility for the next seven to 14 days since they won’t be able to sit down or move as usual. You’ll also be taking prescription medication for managing pain and discomfort. Your doctor may advise you to refrain from driving or leaving home a week or two after the procedure.

On the third and fourth week following the procedure, your doctor may ask you to come to the clinic for post-operative consultation. After which, you can continue with any medication prescribed by your doctor and care for your body to promote healing.

Quick And Natural-Looking Results

With BBL, you’ll achieve quick results, such that you can see bodily changes right after surgery. This characteristic makes the procedure more appealing to those who struggle to lose weight, as the results are comparable to following a strict regimen coupled with long periods of diet and exercise. However, the results are instantaneous without investing as much time and effort. The areas with excess fat will be trimmed down, and you’ll have a fuller figure in flattering proportion.

Minimize The Appearance Of Cellulites

Cellulite is characterized by having lumpy skin on areas that commonly accumulate excess body fat, such as the thighs, buttocks, and hips. Many women feel more conscious of their bodies because of cellulites, which is why BBL has become a popular procedure for many. This skin texture problem will effectively resolve once you undergo a BBL procedure. After surgery, your posterior will feel naturally firm and smooth to the touch, as if the skin’s youthfulness and muscle tone are restored. Moreover, BBL will help minimize the appearance of cellulite near the buttocks area.


If you’re interested in having a Brazilian butt lift procedure, you’ll need to ensure that you’re in perfect health to prevent complications. Also, it may be best to prepare ahead of time, especially regarding recovery and aftercare, treatment costs, and the time you’ll have to spend off work. Moreover, you may need to enlist the help of your family and friends during the first few weeks post-surgery as you’ll have limited ability to move or care for your personal needs. Overall, a BBL procedure needs thorough preparation to ensure that you’ll achieve the desired results.

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