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Beauty box – What does it contain? Best makeup subscription kits

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Beauty box

The beauty box are boxes containing products ranging from makeup to skincare.

The products inside the box are ” surprise “: it, therefore, means that you will not be the one to choose what to receive but the company that offers the package itself.

Sometimes you will be asked to possibly choose the color of a product, for example, lipstick or eye pencil.

Fill in a profiling questionnaire to understand better the characteristics of your skin, hair, etc., and customize
the box you will receive.

What the beauty boxes contain?

  • The feature that unites the boxes is that the products inside are inserted as a “surprise.”
  • And the products are chosen by the seller.
  • You will be able to see boxes from previous months or previews of part or all of the content on the websites or social channels of the companies themselves or the influencers.
  • Most beauty boxes contain creams and cosmetics, some in travel-size versions (small tubes or bottles), others full size (the exact size you find on sale).
  • The value of the box is generally higher than its price. And this is one of the strong points of why choosing a beauty box!
  • Often the products inside the boxes belong to emerging brands that want to be known by the public. Here the box becomes a means to advertise and try your products.

Best beauty boxes to subscribe

  • Makeup subscription packages are a great way to discover and test the best beauty products on the market.
  • For a small fee, ranging from $ 5 to $ 50 a month, you can deliver samples of skincare products, hair care products, and cosmetics directly to your home.
  • Many makeup subscription boxes for just about everyone, whether you love pure beauty, constantly need new makeup brushes.
  • The boxes are for those who love discovering unexpected discoveries, such as a perfume with a true rose scent, suitable to wear for the evening.
  • Plus, most of the subscriptions require you to answer a short beauty questionnaire to ensure that the products you receive match your preferences and use.

Best makeup subscription kits

Beauty box: Abiby

  • Abiby is one of the main Italian companies that offer subscription beauty boxes.
  • Their boxes are characterized by refined and quality products and by the inclusion, every month of a clutch/shopping bag in theme with the package.
  • Each beauty box is a surprise box containing selected makeup and skincare, which you can get at an affordable price.
  • Do you think that the value of the products inside can be € 90.00!
  • The products contained in the monthly box follow trends and seasonality; in summer, you can find sun creams or after sun creams in spring purifying and regenerating masks.
  • In short, you can indulge in luxury pampering every month at a small price!
  • Price: The monthly Abiby box with automatic renewal has a cost of 29.90 – The six-monthly subscription has a cost of € 24.90 per month.
  • Current promotions: with a subscription of at least three months, you will receive a free box. Therefore, the monthly box’s price is lowered further.
  • Furthermore, by subscribing to the newsletter, you will receive a discount code for your subscription.

Look fantastic Beauty Box

  • The Look fantastic beauty box is one of the most popular and well-known boxes in Europe.
  • Their boxes are a mix of mainly skincare products, little makeup, and sometimes even accessories
  • such as brushes and hair accessories or supplements.
  • The brands present in the boxes are among those that you can also find in their shop. Among them: Glov, Elemis, Aveda, Dr. Botanicals, Korres, Nuxe, etc.
  • The products are about 2/3 full size and the remaining travel size.
  • Prices starting from € 20.00 for the monthly box with automatic renewal.
  • The quarterly at € 18.00 up to € 15.50 per month for the annual one. With the code ANGELA-RG76, you will get a €10.00 discount (with a minimum purchase of € 30.00)
  • You like it because it is a good compromise between price and product quality.

Birch beauty box

  • Cost: $ 10 per month with free shipping
  • Pros: Wide great variety of products, best for gifts, available for men
  • Cons: Fewer life-size products, fewer custom cosmetics
  • Birchbox essentially created the beauty subscription market, celebrating its third anniversary in September 2013.
  • Being one of the first on the prospect, it had plenty of time to sort out any kinks in the system.
  • Subscribers love their Birchboxes, but the deals have recently become more geared towards sampling dimensions.
  • Of course, as one of the unique beauty boxes, Birchbox also has access to more branded products so that you can expect a sample Stila lip stain instead of unnamed nail polish.

Glossy box

  • Cost: $ 21 per month, free shipping
  • Pros: European products, more full-size cosmetics
  • Cons: Sells Monthly, extra expensive
  • Some of our favorite beauty products come from over “the pond,” but ordering them can be painful.
  • Glossy box is a luxury beauty box that offers the best European c and cosmetic products directly to your home.
  • If you don’t mind shelling out the additional premium full-size cosmetics, GLOSSYBOX can offer you skincare products from France and the latest nail dyes from Italy – five inboxes each month.
  • For example, October’s products include Monu Illuminating Primer, Samila Cleansing Bar, MeMeMe Blush, and a sample of Katy Perry’s new Killer Queen perfume.
  • Most are premium samples, but some are available in regular sample dimensions.
  • Glossy box tends to focus extra on skincare, fragrances, and body care versus makeup.
  • However, you could still get a lip balm or hairspray along with your other possessions, which include five to six per box.

More customizable – BoxyCharm

  • Boxy Charm has over 2.4 million followers on Instagram. For $ 25 or less, you can sign up for a Boxy Charm box containing five full-size products for around $ 180.
  • If that’s not sufficient, you can also get a Boxy Charm Premium box for up to $ 250 each month, including around six products.
  • And, if you want to go all-in, in March, June, September, and December, you can upgrade your Boxy Charm to the Luxe
    version for just $ 24.99 more, eight items value at over $ 395.
  • With each set, you can choose one of the products; with Luxe, you choose two. It is also possible to purchase additional products presented in the previous boxes and receive them in the following box.
  • You can count on Elemis, Tatcha, Becca, Amika, Iconic, Farmacy, and more. Luxe also boasts tools like PMD Clean Smart Facial Cleansing Device and high-quality brands like Nars and Sunday Riley.
  • To make sure you get a custom box, your first Boxy comes with a skin customization feedback form.
  • Complete it, and in the future, you will have foundations and concealers that better suit your complexion.
  • If you fill out product reviews every month, your box will adapt to you. Besides, you will receive spell points that can be spent on free beauty products in the future.

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