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Alineaciones De Selección De Fútbol De Surinam Contra Selección De Fútbol De México

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Alineaciones De Selección De Fútbol De Surinam Contra Selección De Fútbol De México – The starting lineup for Mexico’s game consists of the goalkeeper Carlos Acevedo, the midfielders Carlos Rodríguez, Érick Gutiérrez, and Érick Sánchez, the defenders Johan Vásquez, Israel Reyes, Gerardo Arteaga, and Kevin Álvarez, and the strikers Santiago Giménez, Roberto Alvarado, and Uriel Antuna.

Gilberto Sepúlveda, Antonio Rodríguez, Diego Lainez, Marcel Ruiz, Jesús Angulo, Francisco Córdova, Néstor Araujo, Fernando Beltrán, Roberto de la Rosa, and Antonio Rodríguez are the team’s substitutes.

Conversely, Suriname’s starting lineup consists of goalkeeper Joey Roggeveen, midfielders Kelvin Leerdam, Diego Biseswar, Roscello Vlijter, and Dion Malone, forwards Jeredy Hilterman, Sheraldo Becker, and Florian Jozefzoon, and defenders Shaquille Pinas, Myenty Abena, and Damil Dankerlui.

The team’s replacements are Gleofilo Vlijter, Anfernee Dijksteel, August Hok-Ahin, Leandro Kappel, Ishan Kort, Faustino Benali, Fabian Sporkslede, Danzell Gravenberch, Calvin Mac-Intosch, and Anfernee Dijksteel.

Alineaciones De Selección De Fútbol De Surinam Contra Selección De Fútbol De México

Alineaciones De Selección De Fútbol De Surinam Contra Selección De Fútbol De MéxicoOn Thursday night, Diego Cocca debuted as Mexico’s manager, leading his new club to a 2-0 victory in the CONCACAF Nations League.

Just five of the players Rocca named for his first starting eleven were part of the World Cup squad three months prior. He wanted to give the team new life, but Suriname appeared to be the most threatening player in the first forty-five minutes, going close many times.

Diego Biseswar, a lazy playmaker, outplayed the Mexican midfield in the first half, and the host team may have taken the lead into halftime.

In the second half, Mexico emerged stronger and took control of the play. Despite their extensive possession, the first goal of the Rocca era was secured by a set piece, as defender Johan Vasquez skillfully bundled home a risky free kick.

With fifteen minutes left, Sergio Gimenez had an opportunity to seal the match when Mexico won a penalty kick, but the Feyenoord attacker missed.

The lead was short-lived, though, as Damell Dankerlui turned a tease from the excellent Uriel Antuna into his net to put the game beyond the hosts.

Rocca’s debut was far from perfect, but despite a crucial three points, Mexico leads Group A with one game left to play.

How can I watch the Mexico vs. Suriname Nations League match?

March 23, Paramaribo, Suriname. Here are the starting lineups for the CONCACAF Nations League. Here is information on how to watch tonight—a match at the Dr. Ir. Franklin Essed Stadion in Paramaribo between Mexico and Suriname. El Tri is expected to dominate this League A match thus, it should be a one-sided game for them.

The game will be accessible to American viewers on several platforms, including TUDN USA, TUDN App,, Univision NOW, and Paramount+. Get the latest text commentary and gamecast live.

Today’s Concacaf Nations League 2022–2023 matchup between the Mexican national team and Suriname

Today at Flora Stadium in Paramaribo, Mexico takes on Suriname in the 2022–2023 CONCACAF Nations League Group Stage. Check out all the exclusive information regarding the Mexican lineup for this intriguing match.

Mexico plays Suriname in a CONCACAF Nations League Group Stage match in 2022–2023. The start time of this game is set for March 23, 2023, at 8:00 PM (ET) at Frank Essed Stadion in Paramaribo. The Mexicans want to put their team back together. Here is all the specific information about potential CONCACAF Nations League lineups. The Mexicans, who have a new head coach, will likely devise a new strategy during this competition to work out any kinks before playing international friendlies and other important games.

According to Diego Cocca, the new head coach of Mexico, Henry Martin is one of the players who won’t be available for this match against Suriname but will be able to play against Jamaica.

Mexico verified the lineup.

Mexico’s exemption from the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers is fantastic news. But, they still need to assemble a competitive squad to compete in the current competitions and demonstrate their fitness.

For various reasons, Eduardo Lopez, Jorge Sanchez, Cesar Montes, Hector Moreno, Jesús Gallardo, Hirving Lozano, Raúl Jiménez. And also other Mexican players will not be participating in the match against Suriname.

Carlos Acevedo, Johan Vasquez, Israel Reyes, Kevin Alvarez, Gerardo Arteaga, Carlos Rodríguez, Erick Sanchez, Erick Gutierrez, Roberto Alvarado, Santiago Gimenez, and Uriel Antuna are the probable lineup for Mexico in this match.

Updates, highlights, and discussion for Suriname vs. Mexico

Mexico 0–2 Suriname in the end

Suriname failed to capitalize on their first-half opportunities, and Mexico’s superior play in the last third of the game ultimately led to Mexico’s victory.

Diego Cocca, who needs to support many things, will nevertheless be concerned about the ninety-minute show. Granted, Mexico brought a backup team to Suriname, but overall, they ought to be able to handle the match. Instead, their midfield was outmatched during the first forty-five minutes of the game, and they were repeatedly destroyed on the counterattack.

No matter how it appeared, a road CONCACAF win is still a road CONCACAF win.

Diego Cocca wins in his first management game in Mexico.

  • 90+2 minutes: Anfernee Dijksteel and Gleofilo Vlijter are the two players to enter Suriname. Becker Sheraldo moves aside. With time running out and Mexico kicking about the ball, this one is all but over.
  • In the 86th minute, Mexico makes two further substitutions: Roberto Alvarado and Erick Sanchez are replaced by Marcel Ruiz and Diego Lainez.
  • 82nd minute: MEXICO GOAL! Mexico sealed the win by putting the final touches on Suriname’s defense. A vertical ball from Santiago Gimenez sends Uriel Antuna to the right, and his horizontal cross finds Roberto Alvarado waiting for the tap-in. Suriname put out a great effort, but they were unsuccessful.
  • Update: After more investigation, it looks like defender Damil Dankerlui truly touched the ball Alvarado did not; as a result, the goal is officially declared intent by Suriname.
  • In the 78th minute, Suriname had a decent run of offensive possession. Florian Jozefzoon almost broke the Mexico defense open with a beautiful touch and move. But, Sheraldo Becker was eventually surrounded by three defenders and lost control of the ball.

Fernando Beltran enters for Mexico, replacing Charly Rodriguez.

Minute 74: Opportunity, Mexico! As the contest moves into its last act, El Tri starts showing their superiority. After stumbling into the attacking third and the penalty box, Julian Araujo’s off-balance, the scuffed shot misses the left side of the goal. All he had to defeat was the goalkeeper!

Minute 67: MEXICO, PENALTY! Shaquille Pinas makes an awful tackle that takes down Uriel Antuna without allowing him to touch the ball. He attempted to remove Antuna by sticking his leg in from behind but utterly failed—an apparent punishment.

Santiago Gimenez steps up…AND SENDS IT OVER THE BAR! A GIRL! Suriname is still playing in this game! His left foot sails the penalty over the crossbar, making it heartbreaking.

How to watch Mexico vs. Suriname

Thursday, March 23 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT is the date and time.

Streaming services: fubo, Paramount+, TUDN app, Univision NOW; • Spanish-language TV: Univision, TUDN

The game may be streamed on Fubo. It gives new customers a free trial and will be available in Spanish on TUDN and Univision.

The game will be available to CBS streaming service Paramount+ customers for an English-language broadcast.

Mexico vs. Suriname odds

Mexico is a massive favorite in this match and is predicted to win easily despite their dismal performance in the World Cup. However, Mexico -2.5 is the handicap, so it’s over 2.5 goals, and El Tri is just slightly over plus odds on that front.

Consequently, the total over is also exaggerated (up to 3.5 goals) because Mexico anticipates capitalizing on the difference in skill.

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